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@jeffcliff we have IP obfuscation, there's no reason for Tor.

IRC: the nickname expiration has been extended to 2 years. But surely you won't just visit us once every 2 years?

The IRC network upgrade is done!!

ZeroNode IRC is now on Inspircd 3. Another thing is that we moved away from qwebirc webchat and are now using kiwi-irc.

Some people report minor issues like not showing their "voice" correctly - this is an issue coming from outdated clients. The old server software was over 4 years old and now unmaintained by the developers so we had to upgrade. Anyway. Enjoy!!

@Sabex no worries about that. @adam loves me so much, he always gives me new stuff to do! 😂

Working on the next version of ZeroNode IRC that hosts the No Agenda chat among other things. New servers, software upgrades. Encrypted backend (server-to-server communication). And as always, privacy due to IP-address obfuscation. Quite some work to set up but absolutely worth it.

@Konfusha oh. Dunno. I don't manage that. It's a listener's. Not sure whose.

@cbbdidlq Oh, sorry, no indeed. I thought you meant a .flv video file. swf is a different kind. It plays but immediately stops - doesn't support interactivity.

@cbbdidlq I use 'mpv' via Chocolatey (using powershell)

@Konfusha which channel? I'm not under attack

@skypage no, it's because this light is so bright, it hurts my eyes! I needed to block the center 😂

@darrenoneill This monday, but can it be one hour later? Because No Agenda always starts exactly at dinner time and I have a family now 😂 6PM UTC/1PM EST would be good for me.

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