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One of our servers went on an unannounced vacation (spontaneous reboot without notification and remained unresponsive for a while). Just now I restarted it and all systems should be operational again. Download speed and interactivity should be reimproved i.e. back to usual lol.

Can't say I'm not envious btw, I'd love to go to a tropical island myself right now! (Stormy weather here in .nl)

Cheers 🌴

Hi everyone, the ZeroNode network hosting the No Agenda Chat has had some unfortunate downtime on the Canadian endpoints which resulted in connectivity issues for some of you. Everything's back to normal now, so please feel free to reconnect.

From out here in the Netherlands I wish a merry Christmas to all of you,and a happy New Year! May 2022 bring us the joy of loving relationships, may the unity of our people grow strong, and may Christ also be born in our hearts. Laudetur Iesu Christe! 🙏

Ok folks, the NoAgenda EU chat servers were down. Sorry about that. We can blame the host for rebooting, and me for not fixing the boot routine properly. They're back up now. 👍 cheers

@dave @nathan @adam I didn't have anything set, I just added the header for srt and mp3 files, let me know if this works

@Johncdvorak the first place where I saw this pop up was on 4chan. Meant to be a hoax, picked up by the gullibles, spread around like wildfire.

@bubbabuddha @coldacid The problem is that your client is rapidly connecting and it triggers the connection flood protection.

The webchat is not displaying correctly on

The direct link is:

Update your bookmarks

Short service interruption to the livestream, time to reboot the server for updates.

@darrenoneill @DameGMoney @ExtraBendyCactus @adam 6697 with ssl is supported by more clients than starttls at 6667, i recently discovered. So, go with port 6697 ssl.

@noagendashowvideo I need to ask Adam to update that page, thanks for the reminder

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