All these new infections (not deaths, that's flat) and no talk of hydroxychloroquine?

Although this is a retrospective analysis, results suggest that early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment of COVID-19 patients, with at least 3 days of HCQ-AZ lead to a significantly better clinical outcome and a faster viral load reduction than other treatments."

@levisan The hermit priest I visit often denies anything but Communion on the tongue. In our cathedral however, they prefer to do it on the hand. Sometimes I can slip by and get it on the tongue while carrying the baby... I need both hands LOL

Been improving my mailserver. Added Sender Rewriting Scheme support for aliases i.e. offsite recipients, for which email has to be rewritten in order to not get blocked, without this my mail server seems to impose as the sender of a domain that might be rejected by SPF.

Long story. But anyway.

Stumbled upon this goodie and it made my day.

Another note to self : convert numbers from and to human readable output:

echo "163564736" | numfmt --to=iec

echo "156M" | numfmt --from=iec

Thanks, GNU.

@PhoneBoy shit like this has been in the work for years. It'll only get worse. This is how they want to forge a path into commerce - by messing everything up until it is all turned into another point and click windows clone. Blame Microsoft first and foremost. Everything they touch turns to shit with a thin layer of shiny chrome on top of it. Hence why I run funtoo; Gentoo without the cruft, fully customizable. Binary distributions: matter of time until they turn into megacorp tech disasters.

"Defund the police" doesn't mean some libertarian, less taxation scheme.It means they will funnel money to woke organizations that purposely hide race/crime statistics, allow crime to skyrocket, and purposely disrupt private security schemes. #Libertarian

Full-List of bots:

My toots about Catholic and religious topics can henceforth be found via this dedicated account: @mark

@noagendashownoteslinks @noagendashowvideo what's up with the encoding? (i'm assuming that this is your bot, it's pretty cool otherwise!)

Only mobile Internet for us in the coming weeks, until our move to the new home. New house will get half a gbit! Very exciting. Until then it'll be 4G so Corona won't get to me! PFEW.

At any rate: you guys better not be breaking anything while I'm gone-ish!!

(And I'll be available in case of an emergency, of course)

After being declared a "domestic organization" by the United States State Department, defiant parades suddenly emerge across the nation, oddly riding what appears to be a fleet of 2020 Toyota HiLux pickup trucks.

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