@voidzero *All* ... would be comfortable to live with so much certainty

@voidzero yeah no, if every super spaz was paid by the govt to make normies look like dicks, I wouldn't doubt it


I'm still pleased as punch to live here. Always entertaining.

Sometimes sad, but any time we can laugh is a bonus.

@voidzero guess he’s never heard of dysentery or cholera.

@voidzero free mothe fuckers , this is why I can’t believe the Q people too many conspiracy to pick just one gotta pick em all and none at the same time head for the hills I ll be in my bunker

I'll bet this guy knows "the plan" we're all supposed to trust.

@voidzero I was expecting to see a Babylon Bee or Onion logo in that photo, but I guess that thing is real. 😁

@voidzero someone call malwarebytes and report this human malware lmfo

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