Still here! Still alive! Just working on lots of other things. Starting the first episode of my Dutch podcast De Verkenner ("The Explorer") tomorrow. Special thanks to @NICKtheRAT for helping me out and giving me some great creative ideas. I am SO looking forward to it! Dutch speaking people are invited to give it a listen, I'll post the link afterwards, still have to register the site and stuff like that.

I've been away from social media a LOT because quite frankly it was wearing me down too much. I'm not going to return to Twitter and I'm not on IRC a lot anymore either, but I'll be here. And of course I'm still taking care of most of the No Agenda related hosting and tech!!

@voidzero @coldacid When can we get you on another episode of Grumpy Old Bens, Mr. Zero?

@darrenoneill This monday, but can it be one hour later? Because No Agenda always starts exactly at dinner time and I have a family now 😂 6PM UTC/1PM EST would be good for me.

@voidzero Sure, I can rock out some tunes and @SirBemrose can sleep an extra hour. Or rant. Whatever he wants!

FYI to other guests, you have to show up at our normal time. Only Mark gets special consideration for being the ULTIMATE Dude Named Ben!!

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