News from the No Agenda Tech Desk:

* Zeronode IRC has brand new 2 year valid SSL certificates, two other sites to follow;

* No Agenda's servers have received massive updates;

* Fixed a long standing bug with stuff that incidentally crashed the livestream;

* Improved latency and increased throughput on all servers (for the geeks: switched to the FQ traffic shaper algorithm and BBR congestion control protocol)

* Lots of small changes.

We're ready for the new decade!

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@voidzero isn't it a thing that SSL certs are only supposed to be valid for 1 year now? (browser standard anyways)

@voidzero @coldacid ya, I was very surprised when I heard this. I wasn't aware of any time limit before. But browsers are very pushy these days.

@sirphenom @coldacid @noagendashowvideo yes. But LE does not support wildcard certificates, and if you need to manually renew them, it can be quite some hassle to do it every 90 days.

@voidzero @sirphenom @coldacid actually they do finally support wildcard * certs! And I've done some pretty cool setups to get them auto renewing - I agree manual would be an issue every 3 months. Not that I'm all-in on LE, but it's life.

@noagendashowvideo @sirphenom @coldacid LOL alright already! Shows you how much I was working on other stuff! 😆

Well. I got two years to figure this out, if I can automate it with icecast. Nginx should be doable. Thing is, I still have to make one cert that installs to five servers. So that's another one of those pesky things. I could use ansible for that, but there are many moving parts.

@voidzero @noagendashowvideo @coldacid I've only used LE when it was setup on the server and set to autorenew the certs every 90 days - the platform has over 100+ sites, so LE was worth it after it was added by our braindead consultants

@CSB 1. They don't support wildcards.
2. I don't want to renew them manually every 90 days.

@voidzero if proper scripts in place they auto-renew automatically

I used letsencrypt for before moving to Wordpress dot com from self-hosted and renewal was
not at all melodramatic but fully automatic

@CSB they autorenew in certain cases. Using them with icecast is not one of those cases. And see my prior point #1.

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