@adam It might not be working because the backend interaction takes too long, so, Mastodon here comes back after a timeout and seems to yield 'unsuccessful'.

@adam oh, good point... but it does work from gab to noagendasocial.com! I was able to follow this account from gab.

@adam or actually, it's 'awaiting approval' apparently. But the account was visible. They'll fix it.

@coldacid @adam I searched for 'at'voidzero'at'noagendasocial.com where 'at' is @ and it worked, i found my account

@voidzero @adam yeah I just found myself as well. Let me correct from search not working to it being slower than cold molasses.

@voidzero @coldacid yes, same here on search, but no comms between us and gab yet.

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