Do we have programmers here who know functional programming languages?

I'd like to look at our No Agenda Liquidsoap code and improve it with someone who is good at this stuff.

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@voidzero Oh, it’s a proprietary language. Looks like simplified Python. Not sure if I’m always available, but what help do you need?

@Knight_of_the_First_State Does it? Python is object oriented... This is a functional language. But I'm no programmer :D

Take a look at what we currently have:

The scheduling needs fixing, maybe the ability to export a schedule to a time table; a better way to handle live shows... and more controls for skipping etc.

@voidzero @Knight_of_the_First_State Python has lambda support ergo you can write functional Python if you want. The distinction of a "functional" language usually comes from purist neckbeards who write Clojure and Haskell

Lambdas don't make a language a functional language. You have to be able to pass functions to functions like any other data type (aka as first class citizens) to fit the definition. Javascript is a functional language in this regard. I haven't dealt with Python enough to know whether it has this ability, but I'm inclined to say no.
@voidzero @Knight_of_the_First_State

@skypage @voidzero @Knight_of_the_First_State
example -

I think the key here is how that author describes it as a "functional approach". The differentiator is "You can do functional programming if you want, or not" vs "Functional programming is fundamental to the way you write code in this language"

@voidzero I've slightly dabbled a touch with F# and Haskell, but not enough that I'd risk doing anything non-experimental with them.

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