Mastodon really could use a quote toot ability. It is the #1 thing that's missing.

@voidzero or boost with comment....but they won’t do anything about it.

@ChrisWilson i honestly think that's the main feature people are missing, preventing them from moving over to here.

@voidzero I must admit the threads are easier to follow here than on the Tweeters

@voidzero it was rejected because it's prone to misuse. There was a debate about it some time ago

@bithive @voidzero

Yeah, now the lack of this functionality is a "selling" point. From where I sit, it does work. Not that I don't reach for it still.

@voidzero the creator of Mastodon has specifically vetoed that... thinks it leads to abuse.

I don't agree on the decision. Like many things, it can work both ways.

@GluedToTheScreen @voidzero I agree with his premise about it incentivizing behavior in less than desirable ways, but it just seems like there has to be a solution that enables such an obvious feature

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