Ok folks, the NoAgenda EU chat servers were down. Sorry about that. We can blame the host for rebooting, and me for not fixing the boot routine properly. They're back up now. πŸ‘ cheers

The webchat is not displaying correctly on noagendastream.com.

The direct link is: webchat.zeronode.net/noagenda

Update your bookmarks

Short service interruption to the livestream, time to reboot the server for updates.

IRC: the nickname expiration has been extended to 2 years. But surely you won't just visit us once every 2 years?

The IRC network upgrade is done!!

ZeroNode IRC is now on Inspircd 3. Another thing is that we moved away from qwebirc webchat and are now using kiwi-irc.

Some people report minor issues like not showing their "voice" correctly - this is an issue coming from outdated clients. The old server software was over 4 years old and now unmaintained by the developers so we had to upgrade. Anyway. Enjoy!!

Working on the next version of ZeroNode IRC that hosts the No Agenda chat among other things. New servers, software upgrades. Encrypted backend (server-to-server communication). And as always, privacy due to IP-address obfuscation. Quite some work to set up but absolutely worth it.

I've been away from social media a LOT because quite frankly it was wearing me down too much. I'm not going to return to Twitter and I'm not on IRC a lot anymore either, but I'll be here. And of course I'm still taking care of most of the No Agenda related hosting and tech!!

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Still here! Still alive! Just working on lots of other things. Starting the first episode of my Dutch podcast De Verkenner ("The Explorer") tomorrow. Special thanks to @NICKtheRAT for helping me out and giving me some great creative ideas. I am SO looking forward to it! Dutch speaking people are invited to give it a listen, I'll post the link afterwards, still have to register the site and stuff like that.

I can tell you one thing: for me this was a great great decision. I spent so much time with my kids and my family; learned tons about stuff that interests me, and my tech work was limited to a minimum - perfecting my mailserver for the most part 😎

Anyway I do have a ton of stuff to share but it'll have to wait. 4am here! Already way past my normal bedtime.

Thank you!! to everyone who's reached out to me - I'll check in properly again as soon as time permits and things have settled. !!!

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I have been around every now and then but not nearly as much as I used to be. Best of all: in the last 1Β½ or 2 months I avoided -all- social media, well, apart from this place which I have been checking out every now and then. But -no- social stuff and most importantly -no- Twitter and media consumption. At all.

The BLM stuff was the last straw for me. Stuff all became so hostile and crazy that I pretty much only "consumed" (what a word) content from a tiny list of creators I like.

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Before I pop off to bed just a quick scribble from the voidzosphere!

Today I realized that I have probably never been away from the Internet for this much since we switched from 64k ISDN to broadband somewhere in the late 90s.

The absence's only temporary β€” from how it looks now I will "let's get social" again from somewhere in August, and bring you up to speed with where I've been and what's been going on. Looking forward to sharing some nice stories and make content on the No Agenda stream!!

Been improving my mailserver. Added Sender Rewriting Scheme support for aliases i.e. offsite recipients, for which email has to be rewritten in order to not get blocked, without this my mail server seems to impose as the sender of a domain that might be rejected by SPF.

Long story. But anyway.

Stumbled upon this goodie and it made my day.


Another note to self : convert numbers from and to human readable output:

echo "163564736" | numfmt --to=iec

echo "156M" | numfmt --from=iec

Thanks, GNU.

My toots about Catholic and religious topics can henceforth be found via this dedicated account: @mark

Only mobile Internet for us in the coming weeks, until our move to the new home. New house will get half a gbit! Very exciting. Until then it'll be 4G so Corona won't get to me! PFEW.

At any rate: you guys better not be breaking anything while I'm gone-ish!!

(And I'll be available in case of an emergency, of course)

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