LIVE on the No Agenda Stream as well: The Sunday Morning Service Ep. #.38! Tune in:

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Today's Sunday Morning Service will be hosted by @darrenoneill! Thanks for jumping in, Darren, so I can visit Latin Mass today! (First time)

The Sunday Morning Pre-No Agenda Service with me at your service! Ready to start at 9am central SHARP so tune in: or tune in on DLive...

Earlier today I met Fureddī Murukerrī in Asakusa! What are the chances??

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"Members of Twitter’s safety council say the company is keeping them in the dark and want to talk to CEO Jack Dorsey, in a letter obtained by WIRED."

Sounds about right. Perhaps Jack needs another mediative retreat to ponder the harm done to the safety council? 🤔

Jack is no Svengali of the business world. Just another clueless CEO.

Going LIVE with the Mark and George show episode #25! Tune in now:

Harry made a donation via, thanks Harry! It will go a long way!

Also trying out the webcam again: hope it will work this time!

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