How has Snapchat not created a dark mode yet

Baby bedtimes are hugely important for sanity and relationships, let me tell you.

Hands starting to feel a little bad, but not terrible. It's cold out. Had a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel. My hands were fine for this morning I think. Now I've had pork sausage. Lots of salt, and an Arizona Tea. I get it, I don't eat healthy, but I'm a tradesman. I'm training for being a fat man in a few years. Hands started to feel worse.

I love Asmongolds content. I don't play WoW, but I like his video reaction videos. The dude has good takes.

My arms issue has ended. I had chili for dinner. It was home made. Beans ground beef and stuff. I think it has less salt than something at a store? No seed oils though! Is it truly that?

The simplicity of CS is why it will always be a better game than Valorant. The only problem is that Riot actually seems to care about Valorant, where as Valve doesnt give a shit about CS.

Arm thing happened again today after eating Mickey D's goyslop. Breakfast biscuit w/ eggs and bacon. Seed oils? What is it. Still the feeling has not left.

i wish I was a girl and the wife of a strong manly man
@Effortless @vixn Unlimited casual sex combined with abortion/infanticide to dispose of unwanted children is a feature of the most primitive and culturally dead societies, and its presence is a sign of regression, not progress.

Long story short. One of my outdoor outlets caused the issue. It filled up with water completely from the storm we just had.

In other news, ever notice the craftsman screwdrivers your parents have from ages ago, yes, the hard, clear ones with red and white accents, always have paint on them? Weird.

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