I just finished repairing a bread machine, the second repair where cheap (Chinese) connectors corrode, overheat, and fail the appliance. The one before this was the same failure in a fan/heater in our bathroom ceiling.

Are crappy connectors the new planned obsolescence? Sort of Chinese capacitors, the next generation?


I feel like starting a God, Guns, and Guts bible study group. Being near Seattle, I figure there might be 5 or so of us within 20 miles... 😯

Issues for millenial and younger:
1. College cost
2. Housing cost
3. Medical cost
4. Job

The left solves this: forgive debt (#1), give it to you (#2, #3), and after 1-3, make up the rest with UBI.

Bad answers? I think so, too. But the right has stood pat with no answers at all for decades now.

Why be surprised that you're behind the curve in the public conversation?

The problem with a protest--even a huge one--is it'll happen for a couple hours, and media/tech can turn away the cameras for a couple hours.

A strike is different. The engine check light stays on, the toilet still won't flush, the Internet is still down. Even if media/tech lie, there's no lie which hides this.

Sure, as a striker you might lose money or job. Each of us is one government or corporate pen stroke away from that anyway.

Time to find some common cause.


So why do a protest? If you want to learn from the masters of how to apply pressure to the ruling class, take a look at France.

When the elite burn'em, they have turned the _strike_ into an art form. Not burning anything, breaking into anything. But not fixing cars, cleaning toilets, unplugging pipes. Neither transporting nor making nor serving food.

When the deplorables are not keeping you comfy, but marching in the streets? Wake up call.

As a community herbalist I'm constantly reviewing what I know or think I know about how to treat an illness or condition. Here are two excellent COVID-19 articles by herbalist Gail Faith Edwards: gailfaithedwards.com/2020/03/0

Even if you don't work with herbs, you'll find, in the second article, some familiar "kitchen herbs" you can take.

#herbalism #herbs #materiamedica

Here's one if you like scratching your head: It is claimed that an Italian court has accepted testimony that a defense contractor there was used to compromise the USA election.

Obviously not to be accepted on its own merits, but do let me know if you see anything about this on other fronts.


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