Hey @adam it was a great show! When next you cover Covid, might I request any insight you have WRT current death rates? This info is mostly not out there (and contradictory when it is), and if your deconstructive skills could draw out any conclusions, it would be of intense interest! Thanks.

Rejecting medical advice from Trump... OK. But this advice keeps popping up from people who should know. Dunno why it's so vigorously suppressed by Google and such.


The Dr. Brian Procter COVID-19 regimen. Thank you Dr. Procter for sharing truth and knowledge with the world

@metalglasses @PeteyMiami

Geez. Also blacklisted on peertube.social. C'mon guys, he's a doctor saving actual lives. And his results are being born out in NY. peertube.social also had it blacklisted, WTF.

If you can play mp4's:


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