Chinese debt vs US debt

18.5 Trillion vs 28.5 Trillion

Is the newly-purchased Mailchimp inserting ads now? This looks like an advertisement that an algo would insert because @Johncdvorak mentioned the Hobbit.

Once in a while you see a product that you weren't aware of but wish you thought of.

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All this is dependent on a landslide happening, the Magnitude of the Landslide would obviously be the determining factor on how big the Tsunami would be. Lets hope certain forces don't crank up HAARP !

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The FDA Meeting was using Adobe Meeting
In case you were still interested to know,

China has 350 million smokers - meaning the Chinese smoking population is higher than the entire population of the United States.

Fauci is a lier, not Nicki Minaj

VAERS has 66 reports of Testicular Swelling

@cgarison This was part of the presentation Dr. Jessica Rose gave to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (FDA): (The link should take you to the start of Dr. Rose's presentation)

It seems to have been an open meeting where interested parties could register to take part in the meeting and present material.

Anyone found Ivermectin or ZiverdoKit for $3 or so as JCD mentioned?

I only see it for $110 a package

this is from @JCD 's newsletter.
Can't believe this went to the press

So... Apparently the 1.something trillion infrastructure bill will also being making it a fucking felony if you get caught NOT reporting any crypto that you get/have. That includes NFTs.

With nft based gaming becoming a thing, could you imaging being a kid, playing a game for years, getting your first job and doing your first taxs, then finding out you owe several thousand/million cause you played a game that got big....
This shit really is getting out of hand.

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