Remember when that group of people who were clearly responsible for, and profited from, that previous moral panic were held accountable and by so doing there was a lessening of moral panics afterwards?

Yeah, me neither.

X Æ A-Xii to mothership: I have successfully infiltrated human society.

The PC world underwent a major architectural shift when UEFI became the norm, but what is it, and why should you care?

Original tweet :

On December 8, 2021, during the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 30 of the Catholic faithful were attacked in the street and threatened with death. The attackers shouted, "kuffars" ("infidels") and "it is not your home", Le Figaro reported. "Wallah [I swear] on the Koran, we will cut your throat", attackers told the priest who opened the procession. This took place not in Pakistan, but in Nanterre, France.

A photo of "misinformation spreaders" in Poland back in the 1970s. Printing materials against the state was a serious crime but was needed until the overthrow of the communist government in the 1980's.

**Die ewigen Gefangenen von Guantánamo**

"Das berüchtigte Gefangenenlager auf Kuba wird 20 Jahre alt. Geschlossen werden sollte es schon häufiger. Aber die Situation - auch für die Inhaftierten - ist unverändert. Von Oliver Sallet, Guantánamo."

#nachrichten #bot

@Shinobufag @taylan @orekix @Clariana @hakui and the question if vaccines and masks are a good idea is orthogonal to the question if 'governments' even have any right to mandate them.

I believe Dr. Robert Malone made a point of something on the Joe Rogan show that EVERYONE is MISSING, and it's significant enough for me to point out.

Calling it "MSM" (or cutsie M5M) is both inaccurate, and potentially harmful (you empower them with the word "main").

Call them what they are, be accurate with your language, as he calls them, "legacy media."

Legacy Media Alternative Outlets.

Way more accurate. Watch LMAO? Sure, for fun, but I'm not watching LMAO for information or facts.

🚨 New Variant!🚨 Emergence in Southern France of a new SARS-CoV-2 variant of probably Cameroonian origin harbouring both substitutions N501Y and E484K in the spike protein

Omicron was a bit of a bust, time for a new variant

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