@useless_idiot Awesome! We used them for our son when he was a baby. They are great!

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Groups which fight for civil liberties and press freedom -- remember that? the thing everyone pretended to care about under Trump - have been urging the Biden DOJ to drop the prosecution of Julian Assange, and do so again in light of the new reporting about CIA plots against him: nitter.poast.org/FreedomofPres

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Loudoun County Prosecutor Who Attempted to Jail Father of Raped Daughter Is Soros-Funded Radical and Close Ally to McAuliffe thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/s

Bill Clinton on the ICU for "privacy and safety", not for intensive care!

Did they kick out an old lady for that bed or a mother in labour?

He's there for a urinary tract infection. Someone should have told him to wash it after hanging it in questionable place.

There's going to be a paper shortage in Europe too, so diapers will be expensive. Not wanting to get caught unprepared, we started to use cotton diapers.

Madness - Baggy Trousers (Official HD Video)

"Lots of girls and lots of boys
Lots of smells and lots of noise
Playing football in the park
Kicking Pushbikes after dark
Baggy trousers, dirty shirt
Pulling hair and eating dirt
Teacher comes to break it up
Back of the 'ead with a plastic cup."


This is the only big story about Africa that I was able to verify by myself, and it turned out to be completely false.

Right now there really is a war in the north of Ethiopia, and as far as I know from Ethiopian friends, there is really a famine because of that. Details are hard to come by though.

But treat any reporting from hard to reach areas with a lot of scepticism. "Different" sources will repeat each other or use the same prepared information.

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Addis Ababa is the base of operations of international journalists for much of Africa. They didn't bother to go check on what was really happening.

The international aid organisations went around in beautiful white Toyotas (we traveled by public busses, people goats and chickens all together, and rides we could get), and were accompanied by assigned guides/translators/drivers. They wouldn't observe anything they weren't ment to observe.

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Almost six years ago I was in the north of Ethiopia. At that time the BBC and other news sources reported of the treat of famine because of drought in the Horn of Africa, exactly where I was.

Among others a local water engineer and a local injera baker ensured me that there was no drought and the only issue was a higher kef price because of MORE rainfall. They were mixing in maize flour for baking.

The threat of famine was made up, probably by corrupt politicians to get international support.

"I cannot do it anymore."

In an open letter, an employee of German public broadcaster ARD is critical of one and a half years of Corona coverage: Ole Skambraks has worked as an editorial assistant and editor at the public broadcaster for 12 years.

OLE SKAMBRAKS, 14. Oktober 2021


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