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Are you wondering why so many otherwise freedom loving, anti-communist and suspicious of secret-service conservatives would support an old authoritarian, “ex”-communist, “ex”-KGB, corrupt politician like Putin?

It’s named “duginism” and it’s explained here:

Dutch consumer report states that a modern car using diesel, is as clean as an electrical car.

From a Nassim Nicholas Taleb post on GMO a few years ago.

Stupid clown world:

A president who sniffs little girls’ hair and a president who kisses little boys bellies.

And both have followers who think they can do no wrong.

Just found out the lumber mill job I was very excited about accepting in ID required a full medical history disclosure, genetic testing and and drug test with hair sample.. WTF? I could pass all of these things, but why would I submit to this abuse? I fled WA in part because of mandatory vaccinations in my field. Is the Universe trying to tell me to "eat what I kill"/roll my own business?!?

@posrev @Pantangelini I wrote this over a year ago ... has some really good Sherman quotes. Best to remember it:

@posrev @Pantangelini I don't think that's the catalyst. I also do think many of the US courts have been strong, with recent anti-forced-jab decisions being very positive/relevant. I do think America has stood a lot better than most of the world in the light of this absolutely insane mass-hysteria and moral panic we're in. But man, I'm afraid to say the truth around old high school friends.

But... I do think that no one will believe the results of whatever happens in 2024. We're kinda fucked.

Well if fraudulent elections wasn’t enough to secure our status as a banana republic, using the secret police to raid your political adversaries should seal the deal.

But we aren’t just some banana republic, oh no, we are the biggest and bestest banana republic!

@useless_idiot> noteworthy encounter with wildlife...

So next time you visit Texas or Florida, bring some tin foil and keep those exhaust manifolds hot!

The leftists ride in on diversity equity and inclusion and then vote to restrict what farmers can grow and allocate 87000 new IRS agents. Yup. The leftist morons were played again, per usual.

And proceeded to continue killing their own people by the millions.
That’s much better right?

Indigenous women portrayed as "milk machines for white male fetishes" - women aren't mincing their words complaining about an e-card by a New Zealand breastfeeding charity. The confusing image actually shows a trans-identified female.

#Ukraine StratCom announced that the controversial Amnesty International report^1 was written based on interviews with people kept in #Russia filtration camps on the occupied territories.^2

The Centre for Strategic Communication has learned that Amnesty International researchers were operating on the occupied territories, including filtration camps and jails, and thus, some of the interviews conducted for the notorious recent report may have been conducted there.

Amnesty has since issued a clarification, in which they “regret the distress” and claim they never blamed Ukraine for the casualties, just want better protection for civilians.^3

If what StratCom says is true, this would entirely undermine Amnesty credibility as it’s just as if you interviewed a rape victim held hostage by the rapist. Or, as StratCom explains in more legal terms:

Sometimes a “correct” interview was the only chance to go through filtration and leave the occupied territories. In addition, materials collected during research by independent journalists and volunteers sometimes were subject to verification by FSB. This means that information obtained from witnesses on the ground may have been obtained under significant pressure and should have never been used as “evidence” in a report of this scale and significance.

Amnesty report however explicitly mentions “visits to 19 towns and villages”, inspecting the ruins etc, so these statements are entirely contradictory. Apart from “Amnesty lies” and “StratCom lies” I can see a possibility that indeed Amnesty staff did visit some locations in Ukraine, but also collected statements from people in the Russia occupied zone using “a network of volunteers and journalists”, in which case their report credibility would be still questionable.

Also… wait, what report? Because Amnesty has so far not published any actual report, what we saw are more a press statements that do not describe methodology, sources or contain any actual evidence (e.g. photos from visits).

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