Sorry mRNA jab advocates:
Global rollouts of experimental health technology is fraught with issues. Especially when it comes to kids.

- still in experimental phase (until 2023)
- long term effects unknown
- length of protection unknown
- impact on transmission unknown
- companies indemnified against legal recourse
- rushed through under emergency protocol
- most people DON'T NEED IT
+ can give you more too...

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@unspinthespin I had a chance to get one but the legal protections for the vaccine killed it for me.



The fact that you can't even question the jab says everything to me.

Roll up your sleeve slave.


first of all

THANK YOU @unspinthespin

i put a notification on your toots and im lovin' the content

Secondly and its no fault of yours for you're no doubt oblivious to my intentions but i thought you might want to join in

I am attempting to doublethink my way into eradicating the word (or ita subsidaries) 'global' fron my lexicon, it'll really nark them pesky 'globalists' off if enough of us just swerve around them and their lunacy

I use the word 'world' instead

@GWFF @CommonSay :)

I can try but no promises (my fingers get typing and don't always do my bidding 😂) and thanks for your kind words!

@unspinthespin @CommonSay
You're most welcome

Im about 3 months into the process and still have to catch myself.

Interestingly, i have noticed the proliferation of the term,which obvz. Makes nothing but sense consideration the clear goals of this ragtag group of 'rebel' billionaires and such.

Especially in their 'organisations' everything is 'global' this 'global that' its about as pathetic and transparent as the feckless m5m and their newsmodels.

@CommonSay sozza dude didnt want to cut you out of the thread coz well coz... Your awesome i guess.

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