1/ Spars Pandemic Summary:

The president has to step down due to health issues, VP takes over

The word is dealing with an novel coronavirus

By late November "the CDC reports an initial estimated SPARS case fatality rate of4.7% (By contrast, WHO reported that the overall case fatality rate for SARS was 14-15% and over 50% for people over the age of 64"

"Later in the SPARS outbreak, data that included more accurate estimates of mild SPARS cases indicated a case fatality rate of only 0.6%)"

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2/ "Kalocivir had shown some evidence of efficacy against other coronaviruses, and a small inventory of the drug was already a part of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) in anticipation ofFDA approval, despite some concerns about potential adverse side effects"

3/ the rest will be shared with followers:

"HHS Secretary Nagel agreed in principle to invoke the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act), thereby providing liability protection for CynBio and future vaccine providers in the event that vaccine recipients experienced any adverse effects."

The report consistently stresses the use of social media

Well the cures are actually all spiritual in nature. Cure for flu is taking a rest. Cause of respiratory illness like COVID is fear and-or lack of will to live, solutions are relaxing, and finding a purpose in life.

Long-haulers/severe cases are often auto immune, meaning they are result of self hate, cure is self compassion. We live in a spiritual universe, science re proves it all the time. We've known for over a century, but if people understood the power of their thoughts they would be too difficult to control so they don't include it in your highschool curriculum.

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@Andrii @cgarison @unspinthespin That helps but that is not enough.
I fought pneumonia "spiritually" and almost died. Some times you need a good antibiotic, kill all the little fuckers in your body and be done with it.
Yes the conventional medical system is good at treating symptoms.
Generally with spiritual things the goal is to avoid getting to the point of any major symptoms. It's like a gentle breeze, wheras material medicine is more like a hammer. If you steer your sailboat around the rocks, or dock in a mindful manner, then you wont need to repair it with a hammer.

Also the love alone which is afforded by a doctor or nurse is of assitance in the healing process.
Same goes for the love and light you may receive in a place of worship which focuses on love and light.

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@Andrii @cgarison @unspinthespin In my case must be karma then, because I have a lung condition, I catch every respiratory disease out there and it destroys me, except that not anymore, I found a good medicine.
However it's not conventional (yet), it's chlorine dioxide.
So you're basically saying you inhale bleach? ... Well whatever works for you.

Though I would recommend that while you are healthy (and-or now), starting a regular meditation practice, so that you can connect with spirit, and be notified of anything you may need to address for continuing health.

In terms of karma perhaps you have a past-life issue, for example if you find sniffing bleach help, maybe you died from a chlorine gas attack in WWI, and you have yet to fully understand and forgive that experience. Or something like that.

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@Andrii @cgarison @unspinthespin

>So you're basically saying you inhale bleach?
When did I say that?

>for example if you find sniffing bleach
If you're referring to chlorine dioxide, it's chemically as far from bleach as table salt is. Hydrogen peroxide is more of a bleaching agent than this gas. I've tried to bleach things with it, it doesn't work.!!:6
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