People keep on trying to justify the actions of dems (I am an ex dem):

1. They're brainwashed
2. Information is suppressed
3. Thy mean well

Sorry I don't see any of the above. IMO they are willfully trying to shut down free speech/dissent.

Which is Illiberal - half the battle is accepting the truth and stop making excuses for people

The write articles like this and thing you'll buy it: (btw nice SEO grammar WaPo):

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nice typos. Reminder to self don't toot before coffee 😂

@jurasick haha just for me or generally? 😂

Hey I do have an excuse I have a faulty e on my mac - which needs replacing

@unspinthespin y is a vowel and handily replaces an e. We all know that.

@unspinthespin So you're saying it's not the coffee that makes you toot?

I'll show myself out.

@unspinthespin Yup. I absolutely believe that Biden could get 80 million votes. People who think that's far fetched are in a bubble

@rife_with_tedium No I completely disagree. Most people who think Biden got 80 million votes live in an insular liberal city or watch too much M5M.

After moving over 30 times and living in the north, east, west and south = my experience is the majority of 'murica is not onboard with his progressive moves. The media/tech giants would like people to buy that though.

@rife_with_tedium I was an old school classical liberal and now I am alt right according to many 😜

@rife_with_tedium @unspinthespin it is possible, but given a lot of factors, unlikely. Biden didn’t campaign a lot, and when he did the turnout was embarrassingly small, but somehow he won the largest number of votes of any US presidential candidate in history. That in itself is a red flag. There could be 80 million people with TDS and the would “vote blue no matter who”, but again the massive over-reaction from the Dems and the media to anyone suggesting there was fraud is also a red flag.

@rife_with_tedium @unspinthespin SCOTUS has refused to take on any of the election fraud cases so far, which on its own is fine, but with the latest issues this week it looks like something is deeply wrong with SCOTUS which makes this a red flag. The story in Time admitting to a civilised, organised and borderline legal coup to get Trump ousted in the election is a classic PR smokescreen, the type that is deployed to distract from a more damaging story, which is another red flag.

@rife_with_tedium @unspinthespin the impeachment of a president who is already out of office in an attempt to stop him running again in the future is unprecedented and another red flag. And I haven’t even got to the overnight vote drops, live footage showing trump votes going down on CNN, various other alleged evidence of tampering, local state law suits, people seen at antifa rallies being part of the storming of the Capitol.

@Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium I believe that the truth will come out about the election fraud. there's too much momentum. It's a question of when not if

@unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium the truth ALWAYS comes out, eventually, the only question is how long, how much damage will be done by then and can it be repaired. Globally we look to be heading down a very dark path, the mainstream media appears complicit, (that’s what scares me the most), and if we keep edging towards totalitarianism that timeline to truth may be too long to be able to do anything about it.

@unspinthespin @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium

I'll be interested when it comes out that this virus is all bullshit too... My guess is it comes out in the same manner as jfk and the moon landing.

@aighead @unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium don’t get me started on the scamdemic 😂, but actually feed this into the whole mix, the timing is very, very convenient. I’m no statistician, but I am willing to bet the probability of all this stuff happening concurrently without being planned and managed is so small it needs a HPC to calculate

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium We are in a different place. People are much more awake than they were - momentum is building. The dam is ready to burst IMHO

@unspinthespin @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium

What I think is yet to be understood, by the left, is that once this shit is figured out the amount of people that run from the left is insane. The short-sightedness they have could be very unfortunate for their causes. I know several previous democrats who are extremely conservative now and vocally so. It's very encouraging. I don't mean gop conservative either, I mean founding father constitutionalist conservatives. See Coumo. It's starting.

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium Agree. I am an ex democrat but a JFK version. Not what we see today. I started to flip in 2014. The current party bears no resemblance to what it once was....and I have also woken up to what's behind many of these initiatives. For me a big flashing red light is the way the NYT etc and all hardcore leftists push against free speech, debate & critical thinking. I also abhor identity politics.

@aighead @unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium Yep, some people can see the truth, and as Biden keeps breaking promises and ruling by Executive Order more may wake up. But, Cuomo might just be a loose end, a guy that pushed the plan a little too hard and needs to be knocked out of the park before he gives the game away. The way he is being taken down is textbook Dem playbook.

@Paulsinhis30s @unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium

One of my concerns is that Cuomo turns into a fall guy and the rest gets swept under the rug. If you can blame this asshole for a bunch of trouble, great. It also pushed the narrative of "look! It's worse than we thought!"

@aighead @unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium yep that’s another possibility, for me this is under the same banner as the Time story about the election - smokescreen/scapegoat.

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium I think Cuomo is a trap.

1. Progressives want him gone it's why they ran Cynthia Nixon.

2. They have been plotting the 2022 race and getting rid of him for a while. He is too far right for them 😂

3. They intend to wedge AOC in there. It's been mentioned already.

It's why the Deblasios of the word support ousting him.

@unspinthespin @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium

Man... Can you imagine Sandy as the governor?

Do people really like her? The reality show winner aspect of her even being in her current position needs to be brought up more often.

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium When you have a completely corrupt system and media that refuses to report what they don't like.....I don't think it matters what anyone likes.

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium They need a hard foothold in the most important cities in the US and they are close. LA, SF, NYC, Chicago, DC

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium New York state going full on progressive would ensure they could "reset" NYC

@unspinthespin @aighead @rife_with_tedium ah AOC, that’s another interesting character. Her career has been very carefully stage managed, smacks of Soros.

@Paulsinhis30s @aighead @rife_with_tedium She has been involved in the National Hispanic Institute since high school. Research Ernesto Nieto - he wrote a book about his globalist leanings. She is manufactured from beginning to end

@unspinthespin @aighead @rife_with_tedium I hope you are right!!!!! It should be, but you have to admit the M5M have actually done a really good job of suppressing any dissent and pushing the propaganda. Even here in the U.K. the general populous think Biden is a great and worthy president and Trump was an asinine white supremacist dictator. And that COVID19 is killing people in the streets. The U.K. is still very much asleep.

@Paulsinhis30s @unspinthespin @rife_with_tedium my hope's that every time the left pushes this shit the folks caught up in it get closer & closer to a breaking point they don't realize exists. I think they have a niggling feeling in the back of their mind that says something ain't quite right. Like a breaking dam the hatred (for lack of better words) of the liars pushes them over the edge.

I've been caught up in it & that's pretty much what happened to me. Critical thinking saved me.

@aighead @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium Yes - I think we all feel it. Like when I heard about the fed glitch. Just reminds me that nothing is right and everything we have taken for granted is sort of upside down.

@unspinthespin @Paulsinhis30s @rife_with_tedium

If we can assume the assault on the capital was legit and not agent provacatuer (we can't) I'd be willing to bet a lot of them are ex-passionate leftists who are now on the verge of militant. The folks I spoke of a couple posts ago are. They are now chalk full of guns and ammo and ready to go.

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