Biden Guns:

Trudeau Guns:

Anyone who can't see the coordination by globalists is deaf, dumb and blind.


Everything bad that is planned is predicated on taking away your ability to defend yourself.

Think covid restrictions were bad? Just wait.

It's why I lose sleep to write my climate thread. So more people will connect the dots.

@Vikingo I am purchasing silver and gold. Not all that well versed on bit coin. Getting up to speed

@Vikingo I am a bit worried it's a trap but tbh I am more paranoid these days than I would usually be 😂

@unspinthespin I have been buying bitcoin for years. It’s the best asset to own since inception. There’s plenty of info online and once you understand it you will dump you silver and gold like I once did. Good luck!

@Vikingo Thanks I appreciate it. I started a course on Crypto a few months ago but time is tough these days.

I bet you're very happy you invested in it

@unspinthespin I really hope that course was free! Plenty of free stuff online for knowledge! And yes most definitely am very happy I started buying when i did. Either way we are early. I know you won’t believe it but bitcoin is going to millions per coin.

@Vikingo @unspinthespin I would recommend a book called the bitcoin standard by safeadeen andamos ( I butchered the name but you will know when you see it) also any YouTube video with Micheal saylor and you will understand. I hope you find what you are looking for.

@Vikingo I appreciate the direction. There's so much confusion on the web - it can get nuts.

@unspinthespin when I get to the desktop I will send you links to videos so you can understand.


Watch this to get a grasp of what bitcoin is.

Watch only the first interview of this video so you can understand where this is most likely going.

hope this helps.......

@unspinthespin IMHO, it is quite simple for the average person (in the US anywayz) to not see the globalist agenda. The m5m doesn't show shit from other countries (except a little from the folks up north). So there is nothing to compare to. If you see what is being done to others it may make you look at what is being done to yourself. If @adam wasn't so connected to the lowlands & the EU I believe it would have been difficult to know about the Build Back Better thing so soon. TYFYC!!!

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