1289 shows = 142 days 4 hrs 53 minutes of infotainment/treatment (based on runtime). @adam @Therealdvorak

@tylerak Steven Black Unified Hosts + Gambling


About 60K hosts...

I tried Running AdGuard’s blocklist (+35k) that they use w their DNS server and then using Cloudflare DNS but it’s a wee bit slow plus overkill.

Group Photos from the we think at peak we were at ~66 people. Thanks to Dame Angela on picking an awesome venue and helping so much in the planning process. Great turnout, conversations and people to hangout with! @adam

Donna B on Fox, R Santorum on CNN... which dimension is this?

Top headline in the Financial Times (US) Newsletter: The attraction of cities... four new books explain why.

Um, if you need books to explain to you and make you feel comfortable with the place you're living in, then???

Nederland in de jaren 1924, Spoorwegen【60 fps, Colorized, AI Restoration】added sound!


Is there a new address for signing-up for the newsletter?


👆 Page has been down for around a month now I think. The Google search index has removed it as well (used to be #1 result when searching for 'no agenda newsletter').

Has the gay no agenda listener from IL tuned in yet?

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