Saw this on the front desk at our hotel. Was like WHAT!? Oh... “ADVERTISEMENT”

@PhoneBoy @AdamAtSea luckily I’d seen the Netflix trailer prior to this.

Seriously, that tells you all you need to know about the so-called news business. Front-page news is mostly PR.

@twentyafter7 @AdamAtSea

@teslanaut @twentyafter7 @PhoneBoy @AdamAtSea @STACKS yup! The one fellow no agendite stated that first few comments or so. Anybody watch it yet? If so thoughts

@twentyafter7 yeah it’s odd and others noted what it’s from. I’m waiting for the alter creepy ninja turtle show that’ll stem from this


Maybe it is fake news but they are trying to prepare people psychologically for the real deal they plan to this are using these articles as tools, test beds?
@Gork @twentyafter7

Pretty stupid to destroy everything like that in anger....

@twentyafter7 I'm watching it now, it's good, but so surreal with everything going on right now.... @Johncdvorak, there's even a guy at a market selling bugs to eat. 😂😂😂

@twentyafter7 Just an Ad, whew! I saw this last night! When I see a new Netflix series now, stuff like “Over my dead body” or “Like hell we’re watching that” starts coming out of my mouth. 🤯 Did you see EDEN? Boston Dynamics wet dream anime? Holy crap.

@twentyafter7 if you watch the credits roll on ANY of these shows, they seem to be nearly all from a certain country. LOTS of overseas production. 😳

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