So Publix changed the chicken boxes and you can no longer see what’s inside of them.

“Attention Customers
Please refrain from opening the chicken box.”

I opened the chicken box.

Saw this on the front desk at our hotel. Was like WHAT!? Oh... “ADVERTISEMENT”

So if I require assistance from TSA ...
Use Twitter or facebag?

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Thank god for podcasting. Here an evolutionary biologist discusses ivermectin and early covid treatments with a lung specialist:

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Post Murph Odd Object carry.
“Move fig tree for mother.”
Fake News hat by @noagendashop

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I’m not a covid survivor.
I’m a covid champion!

Meanwhile at a gas station in FL:
Covid 19 vaccine incentives

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SB 7072: Prohibiting a social media platform from willfully deplatforming a candidate; providing requirements for public contracts & economic incentives related to entities that have been convicted or held civilly liable for antitrust violations; providing that social media platforms that fail to comply with specified requirements and prohibitions commit an unfair or deceptive act or practice; authorizing the Department of Legal Affairs to investigate suspected violati...

“A social media platform may not willfully deplatform a candidate for office who is known by the social media platform to be a candidate, beginning on the date of qualification and ending on the date of the election or the date the candidate ceases to be a candidate.” @adam

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“I thought big tech was the problem…whether you call it India, China, Fauci, just all the big pharma all put together, they control everything, they touch everything, they touch every issue that we’re talking about from Covid to Afghanistan…” — @adam 1342

Not to mention “healthcare” which is anything but about your health.

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experiment# 6 starbucks, 7 am, no other customers in store. Mask in back pocket. I could have gotten in and out with just a mobile order, but I chose to also purchase a gift card. The young human sounded terrified as she refused to assist me with the purchase until I put a mask on correctly.

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