@tsn_says @Effortless This is what I'm waiting for. The blue trend line intersects major market crashes since 2008 when the funny money games really began. When the candlesticks touch it again, I'll back up the truck.

Ziplock bags that's don't zip, you're the worst.

I can tell it's cold season by the number of tissues in the trash, I don't need a PCR test.

Thought process when piling up the Efund and down payment.

My favorite is when the people who laughed at us about our financial plan and debt destruction journey now ask us detailed questions on how we did it and our specific plan. I don't know. But we love them. 😂

“The interest you save by paying down debt is the same thing as making an investment with the same rate of return on an after-tax basis with no risk,” says Lisa Featherngill, national director of wealth planning at Comerica. “If your card has a 22% interest rate, it’s the same as earning 22% on your investment after tax.”


My native American stepfather identifies as a white man and literally has to take diversity training.

How much cryptocurrency does Warren Buffett own?

Watch "Mega Diesel Engines - How To Build A 13,600 HP Engine | Full Documentary" on YouTube

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