It's over. People are saying stay warm instead of stay safe.

They need new signs in St Paul and Minneapolis. I got them covered.

Your debt is someone else's passive income.

How many socialists in America own a credit card?

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@blackcloud @tsn_says I love when the simulation is nothing like the reality. Tom Petty wrote "most things I worry about
never happen anyway" ITM

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@tsn_says Congratulations! That's really hard and amazing!

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Just paid the last payment on my student loan debt. I've had these for eleven years. In three days when it processes I'll be at zero. Did what I thought was impossible.

Five years ago, when I started this debt free journey, I was crying over my keyboard, I had maxed out credit cards, a car payment, medical bills, and $30k in student loans. All gone.

If I can do it, you can too. Get on a serious budget, live within your means, and focus on your goals. Don't be like everyone else. Win! Now! Go!

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@tsn_says great job setting an example for everyone that was there. I used to work in coffee shops and it always sucked when 1 person was sick. I can't imagine multiple people being out sick!

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@tsn_says You ran a simulation in your head before going in and it turned out nothing like you imagined. Odd how that works.

I got nervous about going to my side hustle today, they implemented a vax mandate and required masks again. Gaiters aren't allowed. I rolled in with my gaiter on and said f it. I'll get fired, I'm mentally over it now. I got in and to my surprise it turns out all the vaccinated people were out sick! No one said any negative shit and thanked me for showing. Well, well. The unvaccinated should charge more for showing up and kicking ass. We'll see more of this in the future I'm sure. Stand strong.

At first I was upset about the new policies at daycare, testing and masks. But now I'm ok. These businesses are testing themselves into financial collapse. The free market is alive and well. Get the popcorn 🍿. Seriously. These state and local mandates are putting people, who support them, into an absolute corner financially. I know a business closed bc of policy today, they started masks Friday, they only get 50% tuition, how's that going to hit the budget? Going to be very interesting.

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