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Going to elk camp tomorrow! Growing up I always wanted to go hunting but I had no mentor.

My husband and his family are hunters and their knowledge and experience has been incredibly valuable.

Don't pass up an opportunity to learn something from someone willing to teach you.

The $300 2014 15" Macbook Pro arrived today... installed OSX11 on it and it works nicely!

Plan is to transition over to this from my 2012 Mac Mini as my vision continues to fail.

Kinda like to either have more land or more neighbors. Being on the lake insulates you from having too many neighbors anywayzzz.

This looks caz tho'. Tradeoff is that it takes awhile to drive out there. Otherwise would be on Clearlake already.

In 1980, I had a car that cost $5 to go 180 miles on flat land.

In 2021, I have a car that costs $7.50 to do a 180 mile jaunt, over mountains.

Gas prices have gone up, but the trip cost really hasn't, if you pick the right vehicle.

Asia is an expensive place to live, long term, in comparison to locales like California, which by+large has [a disproportionate amount of] nice weather.

I think part of the curve toward "electrification of everything" is related to environment. Here in the US, California can electrify first, whereas locales like china, where all locations have unpleasant weather most of the year, well- they'll receive it last, and maybe never, fully.

Wright's Law:

This is the expectation progressives have, often rightly so, about how new technologies can become viable over time.

I remember in 2000 it was presumed that video servers would never be able to run a site like youtube. I visited a company in Seattle at the time that was encoding videos and they only had faith, not the expectation they could pull it off. Kinda weird situation- I did not go to work for that company!

Wages much rise as inflation kicks in to prevent a housing collapse in the US
Am guessing that the US will start encouraging companies to raise wages very soon
This might be at the low level- minimum wage at $20-$25 or it may be all across the board

Am just saying what I think needs to happen in order for the economy to stabilize for awhile w/out homeowners losing their shirts. This is what a managed economy is all about vs. a laissez-faire economy, which we haven't had, really, since the 1970s

Here in California, we could have doctor appointments outisde, if the covid-treatment dudes are worried about catching the china plague.

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Would like the Dixie Dregs to cover Dark Side of the Moon.

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Fixed the cable for the second hard drive in my 2012 Mac Mini tonight.
Either I'm less patient these days or I'm wearing things out... have been in there several times moving tiny, fragile cables around and stuff. This time seemed harder.

All came out good tho'. Got 500 gb of SD and 2 terabytes of HD in that lil box now.

Am really grateful tht my kids almost totally circumvented public schools here in California.

It's a wonderful state to live in, but the schools here leave something to be desired.

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