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usage: ./ existinganimation.gif lego.gif

: ${1?"Usage: $0 anim.gif overlay.gif [output.gif]"}
: ${2?"Usage: $0 anim.gif overlay.gif [output.gif]"}

fnsource=$(basename "$source" .gif)
fncaption=$(basename "$caption" .gif)


gifsicle -E $source
for f in *.gif.*; do composite $caption $f $f; done
gifsicle --loopcount *.gif.* > $output
rm *.gif.*

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i can't wait I can't Wait I CAN'T WAIT!

A whole month before it ships ohhh noooo!

Just finished up the lego bansai tree I bought in January tonight. I don't usually buy this stuff but they've had a couple of good sets since ol' pandy () hit us.

Where did the Federation Troops in Blake's 7 (the guys who snuff all the freedom-lovers) get those awesome little troop carrier cars?

Since internet bandwidth is for shoooot this weekend... am planning to binge-watch Blake's Seven on DVD... haven't seen it all.

A friend gave me her Bose Wave Radio it sounds really strange at the top+low end but in the midrange it reproduces a piano very nicely. Some of the overtones make the fundamentals seem to be there at the low-end which just adds to the eeriness of this... thing.

1/3 of the hinternet seems dead here. Never saw it happen like this before... wonder what's going on? Got google assets, mastodon, no twitter, no craigslist, no latimes, sjmercury, etc. Wuz happenin?

Plenty of access to many sites so problem seems to be not local.

I canceled my Starlink order after figuring out that the US, Russia and occupied china are going to battle it out in certain areas, including, probably, space. I think 4G is the best system for now for commnication. Ham radio is second.

From what I can see I think the USA is doing fine but the world at large is getting nowhere.

Re: equities. Personal account is up 2%, 401k is down 5%.

So far so good. i-bonds are going to help put me ahead, numberly-speaking anyway. (I've deprecated the word numerically)

Time to grill up some bacon ITM for the fam. Byeeee!

Dvorak is going to do a Slavonic Dance on KDFC in a moment.

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My 2010 Mac Mini was struggling with youtube this morning til it got into the groove of things.

Tough to wake up so early I guess.

Does anyone know of a 'nightly business report' like show that covers the market with no politics + is pretty much just reports on what happened in the markets for one day?

Now that we're in recession I'm interested in listening to such a show each evening.

Try #2. Nice pad. High price. Will see if this kind of thing sticks... yeah this area IS WORTH IT but peopleza is notz supposed to smart enuf to knowz that! 1/2 acre in the country but near town.

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Legalized Marijuana Leaving a 'Significant Carbon Footprint'

indoor cultivation of cannabis is particularly problematic [...] because it requires high amounts of electricity, driving up power usage and thus adding to the world’s carbon emissions.

The discovery could complicate the policies of many international left-wing groups who support the legalization of marijuana as a way of ending what they perceive to be unfair police persecution

Wow that was pretty easy! No bitmap editors, no layers... just a couple command lines and poof! ... a spaceship composited over a starfield!

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