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Live tonight on YouTube
58 minutes count down
Moe Factz

Watch "con·verse: Donald Oliver Davis - Introduction to Worldview Warfare" on YouTube

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@tout_court I did a home test years ago which was confirmed later in pre-surgery screening. I’m intrigued by the current studies about blood types. A long while back I bought the book “Eat Right for Your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

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I just took my blood test to see what type I am...I rarely go to the doctor and had no idea. Different blood types are being studies to see how acceptable to covids they can buy this test on Amazon and their website has a quick video, took 5 minutes.

Vaccine info
Watch "Your Questions Answered - Bret and Heather 100th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream" on YouTube

Clepsydra model is decorated with a squatting baboon, an animal often associated with Thoth, the god of the moon. Clagett, “we are told that ‘in their water clocks the Egyptians carve a seated dog-faced baboon and they make water flow from his member’” It was believed that baboons urinated at “‘regular intervals twelve times a day.’ One would suppose that this merely means that in expelling water from the clock beneath the seated baboon, the baboon is ‘urinating’ the 12 hours of the day” 

Watch "How Bone Carvers In India Are Keeping A Prehistoric Art Alive | Still Standing" on YouTube

Watch "Sharon Osbourne on her "The Talk" Exit and Marriage, Adam Curry on Cancel Culture and Dave Chappelle" on YouTube

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What Rogan has done -- confront Gupta to his face and force him to admit that CNN lied on purpose repeatedly, a clip that went mega-viral -- did far more damage to CNN than some protracted, dreary lawsuit could do. Being a party to litigation is soul-draining and rarely worth it.

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From one of my friends in Brazil on the gram. These kids are literally in the Amazon using masks.

For those of you who have been asking for information about where I bought it and how long and cost.
Bought end of Sept, arrived today. Did not have to sign. Tracked it online all the way, they gave me a tracking link. 8 packs.

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