For those interested in military aviation and China, an interesting article about the operational deployment of China’s J-20 stealth fighter.

They put them on the school buses, so why not. One of the great silver linings to come out of the pandemic was the fact that parents actually got to see what their kids were learning while they blindly entrust them to the schools every day.

It’s sad to see Apple abandon the dedicated audio player market they so fabulously won, and I think it’s a mistake not having the cheaper iPods anymore that were an inexpensive on-ramp into Apple’s quality experience.

An interesting new stem cell therapy for folks with hearing loss due to damaged cilia, which previously has been a part of the ear that couldn’t self- repair or grow back. 👂 🤔

So I just found out about this 2019 SF anime created for YouTube Originals in Japan. The frame rate for the CG looks bad, but the premise looks fun and the mech designs and action looks great! I might check it out. 🤔

An interesting bit of medical science news; the possibility of regenerating heart muscle cells in humans with hearts scarred by heart attacks. ♥️🤔

Despite the over-all awesomeness of the kit-bash done to create that wonderful powered suit model for the campaign, I think my favorite thing about it is the Mars Base triangle insignia mark stuck on it from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. 😄

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When Sony used Gall Force to sell computers. A great essay on a project for Sony’s Hit Bit computer marketing for fellow Gall Force fans.

Here’s a nice list of commands for refining your searches in Google. I knew some of these, but not all of them. So this is a helpful list for remembering them. 💻 🤔

RT America to end production after more than a decade on air

T&R productions - which operates RT's sister channel in the US - has confirmed its closure to staff and colleagues.

It surprised me when Apple gave up this important gate on the walled garden. Particularly since their routers were of excellent quality and reliability. If they’d re-enter the market, it should be as a combination WiFi router and HomeKit hub.

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