“17 Reasons Why The Beatles Documentary "Get Back" Is Actually A Momentous Release” It’s certainly glorious time-travel for fans of the band, history, or anyone interested in the creative process of folks living casually at the top of their game.


Good lord! Heidi Klum takes her Halloween costumes seriously. All of them shown in the photos are amazing! (See the 20 photo slide show at the bottom of the article.) usatoday.com/story/entertainme

@adam Haha! Rappers push Adele off the top of iTunes chart with songs based on the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme. 🎶🎤😆

@adam @adam I enjoyed your chat with Megyn Kelly and I thought you made the most of your shortened time. Good topic dovetailing after Sharon’s time too.

I hope you get back on soon. 🎙

My biggest question upon seeing it was why they went so nuts with the Japanese language type in the background. And it all also has too much space around it. The original looks more textured and less sterile. It just bugs me aesthetically. Also, the whole title sequence wasn’t done as tightly as it could have been, and the design isn’t as unified as the original.


For my fellow otaku. Not entirely true, but still funny. 😆

For fellow Final Fantasy XIV players, here’s an incredibly cute and entertaining movie done with /emotes to celebrate FFXIV’s 8th anniversary. I kept thinking that the main character just needs a keyboard. 😄 youtu.be/4ukVbacUlxY

Tom Hanks’ new movie seems to make post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi life seem adorable. 🤔


Newly leaked artwork from what could have been for Alien fans. Wow! Such is what you would get from a skilled director in the genre who is also a fan. So, of course, no … Stop that.


OMG! These Japanese gum commercials. They turn a series of gum commercials into a soap opera with an unexpected ending. 😅 Definitely making fun of sexism and representation. But also just plain funny stuff. reddit.com/r/Unexpected/commen

Some interesting reactions to the test screenings of the new Batman movie. 🦇🤔 youtu.be/147Ahhq4mdY

Here’s a very interesting review of living with SpaceX’s beta StarLink Internet service from a gentleman in Canada using it while traveling in his RV. 🌎 🤔


A little bit of interesting news in “Deep Fake” video technology. The interesting thing is how quickly live processing for streaming has emerged. 🤔


A nice article on what former Fleetwood Mac rocker Lindsey Buckingham has been up to. 🎶🤔


Here’s an interesting video essay on modern humanity’s loss of our natural tendency for needing a biphasic sleep schedule. 🌙🤔


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