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2-Dollar-Bill Haley @tomey

"my eyes hurt," Google search term popularity since the eclipse: noagendasocial.com/media/OPtTP

@somarasu @YoVinnie Huh, if they got so dumb even without phones, then WE are screwed.

@somarasu QR code has more bits of data, but the idea is the same.


@YoVinnie Tipping strippers with BTC doesn't sound like as much fun as throwing wadded up two dollar bills at them.

@somarasu I don't know, but the other day I took a photo of some graffiti that said "FUCK CHAD". noagendasocial.com/media/IqVHP

@jeremiah @xahlee The level of hyperinflation during that time is unimaginable to me.

"Practically every economic good and service was costing trillions of marks. The American dollar was quoted at 4.2 trillion marks, the American penny at 42 billion marks."


On a thread about censoring the daily stormer on Tor:

"Some censorship is always necessary - such as to prevent the spread of ideas (like fascism) that threaten the very existence of institutions that are dedicated to free speech (like Tor). Do you think these fascists are going to let people run Tor if they got in power?"

The irony of this whole sentence is absolutely insane.

Merriam-Webster has a blog where they track trends in "Word lookups driven by news events, celebrities, sports, and more". Possibly a good resource to find the rising memes and talking points. Top post right now is "Svengali - a person who manipulates" in reference to 's White House departure.


@Arwalk @roko The last comment had the same thought as me:

"I find it interesting how racism (of all things) is the reason you suggest implementing a mechanism for censorship in an anti-censorship tool. Does that mean you think child porn is a-okay?"

@cg_ma @ProfWorr And then when it becomes crooked they look like (even more of) a dumbass.