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I have never seen a MAGA hat IRL.

"Homeland Security accidentally releases records on remote mind control"

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@angristan Things that people have called "almost an operating system":


You know the project is being managed like shit when I am able to make the project manager unbox and break down 150 units because there is literally nobody else to help me... even though I am sounding like a broken record with the amount of times I have complained about it. By this point, it is evident that they would rather save labor than my sanity.

You know what, fuck it. I think it's time to dust off that old CV.

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Easter is when Jesus comes out of his tomb and if he sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter.

Now that NAS has federation fixed, this may be of interest...

Sex Workers come to Mastodon:

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"Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking for the zombie apocalypse."

I'm looking forward to participate to that really interesting project!

Since end-of-the-world-scenario wifi was mentioned on the most recent :

Project Byzantium: Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking for the zombie apocalypse.

@Grimericano @Gramerica

I wonder what would happen if I break the glass and push the HUGS button? Might have to try it next time...

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@moonman @lain @guizzy Test post, if you can see this let me know pls and thanks.

Can anybody not on NoAgendaSocial see this post, or any posts from us over here? Give a holler if you can, so that I can know whether or not it's just me.

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If 13 Russians on Twitter and Facebook can determine the outcome of an election, then democracy is a bad system of government.