How many years must elapse until grave robbing is considered archaeology?

@Mumu There are quite a few here:

It's not complete though, there are a lot of older soundboard items I'd like to have

At the store last night, and saw someone with a shirt that suggested, but did not spell out his politics. I asked him if he was in favor of Let's Go Brandon. He said he was, so I gave him some "I did that" Joe Biden stickers. Made his night.

I'm going to start giving them to random folks with clothes or bumper stickers that suggest they would be receptive. It's good to be reminded there's lots of us out here.

There was book called The Hippie Watchers Guide to Northern CA and southern Oregon a few years back. Species like “Feral Indigo Child” and “SNAG (sensitive new age guy)” appeared in it. I’m thinking there could be a woke world equivalent.

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At that point the advertising could stop listing specific examples of when you would use it. It could just be

Point towards problem in life, apply liberally.

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Why keep your vax QR code on your phone when arm bands are much more fashionable?

Sorry for the shitty Images, I had my wife take a couple of pics off her computer at work for me.

Monday and then Wednesday 😐

NC also has two years free college for everyone who graduates from an NC high school, private or public.

Both programs include over 30 white and blue collar career options, and are a great way to try some new things.

(My son liked welding, but didn't love it. The welding instructor sent him to the free machining class, and he's now a machinist intern. At 20, he'll have a $40K/yr job and no debt.)

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Hey parents of high school kids! You know what your kids really want for Christmas? Free college and an excuse to go to school late!

You might be able to get both from your local junior college. For example, in NC, high school juniors and seniors can attend college classes for free in several career training paths. My son did welding classes in the evening, and didn't have to be at high school until 10AM. Win-win!

ASU Students to Hold Wednesday Rally To KEEP KYLE RITTENHOUSE on Campus...

@johndolph Nice link. However when you’re going to post a link, delete everything after the ?. I’m not perfect at the habit but I try to do it as much as possible. Stop the traffic profiteers.

My doctor told me I needed to take longer walks with my dogs to get my Vitamin D level up. He sounded so certain it would work that I didn't have the heart to tell him I walk the dogs very late at night.

But that's modern doctors for you - they know what's best for you, even if they have the wrong facts.


You cheeky fuck.

No, dried oranges would just turn into organic tang powder.

Handy guide to Twitter’s new policy:

"adds value to the public discourse" = if we like your politics

"Public interest" = if we like your politics

"is relevant to the community" = if we like your politics

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