The other thing is that I'm okay giving up pasta and bread. Even if I wasn't, there are lots of paleo substitutes (the chickpea stuff isn't bad).

What I won't give up is dairy. I love milk and cheese, and all the things you can with them. I like the calcium and protein. I like the taste. Giving up dairy is not on the table.

Now that I think about it, the paleo diet is just made up. I can make up my own rules.

Is blackjack and hookers paleo?

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I picked up some paleo cookbooks from the library to see what the deal is. The deal is that everyone is making up stuff. Some cookbooks said alcohol was fine, others said no alcohol, but you can have ghee, which is just butter with extra steps.

All of them had tons of coconut. Coconut oil, coconut milk, shredded coconut, probably even coconut flour. Problem is, I hate the taste of coconut. I can taste it when cookies change their recipes to coconut oil.

In more cheerful news, today's salad is lettuce, pears, dried cranberries, walnuts and honey garlic pork loin.

No dressing. It seemed busy enough without a side of honey mustard.

I have to make a very important decision. I've been researching and thinking about it all weekend, and I still don't know which is the logical choice - there's a lot of emotion in both choices, positive and negative.

I'm seriously considering I should just roll some dice. Even it's A, odd it's B.

I was going to take the dogs to the river today, but it's hippie weekend there. Gordon Freeman isn't great with strangers, so I try to avoid crowded places.

Stupid hippies.

I've been having problems getting my bread to rise. I tried putting the dough in the oven with the light on, which helped, but wasn't getting the job done.

A co-worker suggested putting in a bowl of water, heating the oven to 150F, then letting it cool down to 95 and putting in the bread. That helped quite a bit.

Now you know my bread secret

According to my real estate agent, several of the "we buy homes"-type companies are backed by Chinese investors.

@surrealestate Hello! I’m a fellow no agenda producer located in the Cleveland area as well. I’m having a few issues with my landlord and had a few questions. Figured I’d turn to a fellow producer with real estate in the name. Hope to hear from ya! Thank you sur

I wish I could code so I could make a Now Playing thing in here to show what's on stream

Hey all you producers in MN, WI, and MI… have a Happy Paul Bunyan Day!

Btw. California’s gas tax goes up Friday. Make sure you fill up before then.

I was looking at lists of the best order to watch events of the MCU, and I noticed that none of them include Agents of SHIELD (or as I call it "The Daisy Show").

There are several reasons I stopped watching after Endgame. One is that I thought that was a great place to stop. Two is that I don't want to have to watch everything to watch the movies I want. The lists imply the Disney+ shows are required. Forget that.

Those buttons do not exist as I understand it.

From the web interface you can bring up the list of muted and blocked users as follows...

- click on your handle (left side, near top)
The right most column should now show information about your account.
- click on the three dot to bring up a menu
One of the choices is muted users, another is blocked users, and a third is blocked domains.

Select the one you want to use & make changes. Use Back to return to your prior display.

I am at heart, an optimist. Yes, my cat died, and I miss having him sit on my lap while I play video games. On the other hand, I can now stand up whenever I want without risk of getting holes in my arms.

Lots of companies offering to pay for employee travel for abortions. Which means your company now knows your "private" business.

It seems to me that making abortion illegal in your state is an excellent way to keep out folks from California, New York and New Jersey.

Really enjoyed "The Machine is Stopped" by Thomas Brookside. Part of it is imagining what life would be like if Facebook ran the world with help from AI, part of it is how people would let that happen, and how others would fight back.

It's not an action story - things start off kind of slow, and speed up to a modest pace. There's no humor. There's also no sex or bad words.

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