Recruiter: This job is remote until the lockdown ends, then you have to work out of the NYC office.
Me: It's only a one-year contract. I won't have to move.
Recruiter: ...
Recruiter: Please don't tell the client.

I interviewed with a company that has been posting this job off and on for the past year. I mentioned that and asked if they were throwing employees into volcanoes to appease the old ones.

(nope, just growing the department and promoting some people. Though the interviewer seemed to like the creative thinking. Hopefully, not in a "we should do that" way.)

Warning: I am not a social scientist, and I don't listen to Moe Facts. So this is just me thinking.

It appears to me that a lot of "black culture" is intertwined with black poverty. It is also frequently isolationist, with black people sometimes accused of not being "black enough", and white people accused of not understanding black culture. So the question is, if eradicating black poverty would result in reducing the potency of black culture, would the black elite be interested?

Applying for a job, declining to self-identify for all the EEOC questions, get to the last one, and it's the "I"m not a robot" checkbox. With no chance to decline to self-identify. What if I'm a cyborg and part robot? Did you think of that HR?

(I don't know why I refuse to self-identify. I just don't.)

I've never been successful at growing my own food, I own no precious metals, and I don't cut a physically imposing figure.

If the apocalypse happens, my best survival chance is to set up a bar. I figure my liquor stash can barter me enough food for several years.

There were people waving signs and shouting outside the parking lot when I got to work. I thought it was a union drive and took a flyer. Nope. Just socialists yelling about Trump.

(I'm not happy about several company decisions lately. Their only saving grace is that they aren't as bad as the last place I worked. And yes, I'm looking for a better job. Feel free to hire me.)

I've got a pre-interview tomorrow. I'm excited! And nervous! And excited! And hopeful! And excited!

Looking at another day of reading job descriptions. Hiring managers are definitely optimists. Good thing I'm also an optimist, and will keep looking.

You can have this optimism at your company - send me the name or URL of your company, and if I see a listing which is a good fit, we can work together to get you that sweet referral cash, and me a better job.

Plus, if you get me an interview, I'll donate a minimum of $100 to NA in your name.

Okay, more fun with job ads. "Business Intelligence" is often abbreviated "BI", leading to ads for "BI engineers" and "BI Analysts". Whoa there companies! It's illegal to ask about sexual preference in a job interview!

Pet peeve side note: If you are asking for more than two areas of expertise, you should be asking for more than one person. Sure, ask for some experience with other stuff, but don't ask for experts with 10 years experience in five technologies.

There's a software package for hospitals called "Epic", which means there are job ads looking for "Epic project manager" or "Epic Analyst".

I happen to think I'm pretty epic. Think anyone will notice I'm using a small "e"?

...And now I've broken a tooth or lost a filling or done some other thing that has left a tooth ragged and stabby.

Guess who is going to the dentist instead of to bed?

Not. My. Day.

I was going to take a break from reading job descriptions, and play some video games. It's been so long since I've had that kind of time that I have no idea where the TV remote is, and the TV does not have a physical on/off button.

So I guess I'll keep looking for a new job.

Remember folks - I'm available to work at your company!

Welp, I'm gathering my courage and putting myself back out on the job market. If your company is hiring and you want some sweet referral cash, send me the name of your company, and if there's a position that's a good fit for me, I'll get you my info.

I'm a former Dude Named Ben with a specialty in technical training.

Get over to and nominate Hog Story for the best podcast in the Leisure category, Bowl After Bowl for the People's Choice, and Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David for the best in Kid and Family!
There is still time to register your podcast as well, if you want to be nominated

My electrical company is now selling renewable energy for an additional charge. The buyers don't get the solar or biomass energy - they get whatever the company wants to give them, however the company wants to generate it.

Really, it's more like carbon offsets for little people, starting at $3/month. Which I support, because that means the people who most want it, now have a chance to be the ones paying for it. Or they can just hush.

Shopping report: Nearly every store I visited Saturday complained of troubles getting stock to the store (the liquor store had no problems).

One of the large stores said they also had problems getting enough employees to move the stock from the back to the shelves - they start with food, and stock the rest of the store as time allows.

The shoe store said they also had to deal with a surprise surge in sales of women's shoes in large sizes. Not sure what's up with that.

It looks like the only podcasting 2.0 app for iOS is Podverse, which, among other problems, doesn't allow offline playing and is therefore a bad fit for the way I listen to podcasts.

No 2.0 for me. :(

One of the SYSK hosts explained he is sick with Covid, despite being vaccinated. Also, a bunch of his vaccinated friends are sick or positive.

He's certain it's the delta variant, even though no one is testing for variant, because otherwise the vaccine would have worked.

Also, he's sharing his story to convince people to get vaccinated. I'm not sure why he thinks telling people the vaccine failed will help, but I'm sure his mother is very proud of him.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Durham Meetup. Come hang with the cool kids and the douchebags at Carolina Ale House.

Production came to a complete halt due to some down machines. I entertained the team with my mime skills.

More entertained than skills, to be honest.

Also, I learned that Nigeria does not have a mime equivalent.

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