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can you all tell me your opinions and or facts about the t-mobile sprint merger

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>friend talking to me
>about her e-thottery
>one of her long term goals is to make a shock collar that is foss and remote controlled
okay fedi who has made one of these already, fess up
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I give up not finding it I did find a lot of fun ones but not the one talking about needing approval for launch and approvals for launch do not get approval unless burn up happens at 28ish years

i am drunk right now and this is a reminder to me

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i have to remember to send the amp hour episode on satilites to adam curry with the time talking about the international standards

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WWIII!!! Or at least Iranian missile strikes, according to Coindesk.com.

"The move to fresh 2020 highs comes after Iranian missiles struck U.S. and coalition bases in Iraq, causing traders to reallocate capital into safe-haven assets such as gold and oil away from riskier assets."

Which says NOTHING about bitcoin but hey, maybe people will associate bitcoin with a safe-haven in the future (and not one of those "riskier" assets).

BTC jumped up I wonder what happened in the world for that to happen

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@Chickiepup we are living in a boring cyberpunk dystopia. all the oppression, none of the aesthetics

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malware authors today don't even include ASCII art of laughing skulls in their viruses. where is their respect for the craft

I have so many things in my networked named bomb iran on another note worst 28 days of my life when i was on a ship driving in circles around in one of eight sectors around the big iraian oil rig

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I remember a while ago filling out the paperwork to not have my money go the military budget as a pacifist and the fun thing is it then goes into the defense fund that goes to that same place

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How's this for some happy horse shit? Ladies and Gentlemen, Knights and Dames, I present to you:

The Vaccine software license.


Unvaccinated people are not allowed to use software bearing this license.

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