What's the best free podcast player for iOS? Recently had to switch to iPhone and can't find anything as good as podcast addict which would let me listen live and also kept updated album art.

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The only app I've found for the live stream is using vlc player network stream.

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@tip_sea I’ve been using Overcast since v1 but recently switched to Castro. Both are commendable. (Similar featureset in each with some premium unlockable features as well.)

@levisan thanks I’ll check those two out. Coming from android it’s difficult to find iOS apps with a similar feature set. Just a minor example that’s absolutely Infuriating is I can’t find a timer app that allows you to set the notification to vibration only. The ones I’ve seen only let you choose between sound and silence.

@tip_sea yeah, that would be a challenge! I thought that surely the native timer app could do it but I guess I was wrong. Seems like a no-brainer to have that!

@levisan Do either have an option to add live streams?

@tip_sea hmm not that I know of! I’ve never had the need to use that type of feature!

@tip_sea I've used Fstream for live streaming, but it chops out portions of audio if there's any drop in network speed, even with buffer set to max. Works alright on wifi. I use Overcast as pod player as recommended by Adam 😁

@tip_sea This might cover all of your needs. Free, Streaming NA Show and downloading NA Podcast.

@DoubleTap They both work. They both have horrendous user interfaces. TuneIn bring slightly better of the two. I think I’m just going to use Overcast and open up network streams in VLC.

@tip_sea I agree about the interface. Let me know if you find something better. I've tried just about everything out there.


I'm having Bluetooth™ connectivity issues with Downcast so I too am on the hunt for a new podcast app until Downcast gets it's issues resolved.

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