Happy & proud to see this. Democracies have flaws. But the democracies we have in countries like the US or Canada tout their constitution and the rights of their citizens incessantly, yet suppress these very rights in the worst possible ways.

No restrictions on unvaccinated individuals, no one can be forced to take jab, says India’s Supreme Court indiatvnews.com/news/india/cov

My man out here running through these lines like it was a dress rehearsal.

Does Airplane count as 70's throwback even though it came out in 1980?

Russian-Australian man booted from talk show for questioning media narrative

Host of Q+A Stan Grant requested Sasha Gillies-Lekakis leave the studio after he asked a question about Russia's portrayal in the media.

The ABC host then retorted after some quick debate, β€œCan I just say β€” I'm just not comfortable with you being here. Could you please leave?"

No idea where, when this was shot but demonstrates the senseless violence of war.

An interesting documentary on what has happened in Melbourne, Australia for the last two years. Something you wont see from MSM. Boots on the ground stuff. It's Called Battleground Melbourne and covers the rise of the protest movement .

Nick Kyrgios gets the Coof!
One more reason that Novaxx Djokovic will get booted out. It is not going to be good optics for big pharma to see unvaccinated player win the cup while their fully vaxxed golden boy sits on the bench.


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