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@Lonestar I would question the motives of anyone who promulgates fear. It seems to be a trend of both major parties. If only we had someone who believed in the freedom of the people and that the government should not wield so much power in our daily lives.

@thoughtcriminal @chris

The public is ignorant and stupid. That’s what they’re counting on.

@thoughtcriminal I'd say

"If you make bad life decisions, you probably shouldn't be teaching kindergarteners" is a good policy. 🤷‍♂️

Quiz to check your covid risk (considering diet patterns and vitamin d levels)

> After a few moments of sad disbelief, the country collectively sighed and decided they don't really care if their politicians are hypocrites as long as they win.

WATCH: A Texas firefighter is reunited with his daughter in a touching moment during his homecoming from California #News #Reuters #California #Texas

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This tree is stuck straddling dimensions. Surprised there isn't a little dog tied to it.

Saw this protest today in Portsmouth, NH.

As silly as he looks there all alone, he's out there, expressing his opinions. It takes more guts to do that alone, than in a crowd.

What is America?

A home? A culture, a society?
Your stomping grounds? 
Is it the natural beauty - the seas, canyons, mountains, forests?
Is it shared hopes, dreams, loves and beliefs?

All of these. 

America resides in your heart.

It was once also the heart of our government. #McAfee

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A study showing that masks don't work was purged from the Internet. Why? Not because it was found to be incorrect, but because "the content is no longer relevant in our current climate."

This is the world we live in, where facts are attacked, ignored, or silenced if they don't fit the narrative. In this case, the groundless basis for mask mandates.

YouTube has censored today's Ron Paul Liberty Report discussing two whistleblowers challenging parts of the coronavirus narrative. They have issued my YouTube channel a "warning" which they say could lead to the removal of my channel. I have appealed their decision. #Mises #coronavirus #WhistleBlower

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There will be riots in Louisville, and there should be...but for FUCK SAKE stick to burning down government buildings and going after government employees, and leave private businesses outta the picture - they didn't have shit to do with shit!

[email protected] just responded to @ODonnell4NH’s inquiry about debate inclusion saying that because he doesn’t belong to a Party that received 5% for Senate in 2016, he would not be allowed.

This is against FEC rules on debate participation. #nhpolitics #Libertarian #debate #Politics #Senate

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