We went from primitive airplanes to Apollo 11 in just 57 years. That's not a very long time, frankly.

@thor I actually never liked the Airplane > Apollo 11 comparison. Airplanes aren't rockets. So Robert Goddard flew his first rocket in 1926. That makes the comparison better, and more impressive.

@Ricardus Point remains that we went from complete lack of powered flight to pretty much as good as it's gotten in a bit over a half century. Little since.

Aircraft from the 1930s are still in regular commercial use. B-52s built in the early 1960s will fly through the 2040s. The SR-71 is the fastest operational plane made, designed in the 1950s. Commercial jets have a 1940s lineage, and fly slower now than in the 1960s. Concorde is no more. We last walked on the Moon 46 years ago.


@Ricardus Maybe the early problems were comparatively easy, and the remaining ones hard.


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