*expresses conservative opinion*
*immediately gets followed by conservaties*

*expresses liberal opinion*
*immediately gets followed by liberals*

We're all just looking for people who agree with what we already think. I don't think rational argument has any effect on it at all. I mean, most of what we do and say in life isn't prompted by logical thought. It's prompted by urges, feelings and inclinations. Only later do we get around to explaining our behaviour.

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@thor This is a really important observation. Rationalization of our own behavior and impulses usually takes place later on in an attempt to justify them.

I have found it helpful to cultivate a curious state of mind, as it makes me less prone to jump to conclusions right away. It also makes it easier to admit mistakes as I feel less 'maried' to ideas.

@rsolva If the Nazis could rationalise their death camps, anything can be rationalised, is my feeling. The Nazis didn't view themselves as inhumane. They saw themselves as decent, civilised people and weren't all that different from us. Under the right circumstances, anything can be explained away.

@rsolva What this tells me is that there are no objective moral standards. Right and wrong are in your guts, and since you can't debate gut feelings, the only way of winning is violence, which is why we have war.

@thor Fight or flight is the default 'fallback' behaviour. If there is no room left for curiosity and no time to sit down and talk, we instinctively turn to violence or we run. No amount of human rights written down on a piece of paper can rectify this fact.

I think this is important to recognise when we aspire to build a kinder and more humane culture. Acknowledging and understanding the "darkness" in us all is important to cultivate the "light".

@thor @rsolva wow. totally new take. not just reciting what every tv show and newspaper has been repeating 1000 times a day since 1970.
@thor @rsolva making you realize that you're not even beginning to think about what you're preemptively expressing. you're adding another layer of shit to a massive cake already made of shit. get past wherever you're at.
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