Lottery tickets are no more an idiot tax than tickets for a roller-coaster are an idiot tax. The goal isn't winning. The goal is to give yourself a source of excitement in an otherwise uneventful life. For some, roller-coasters and skydiving are a bit too much, but lotteries and slot machines are just right. For others, it's cheating on their spouse. If given a choice between cheating on your spouse and buying a lottery ticket, it's obvious which one you should pick.

I go back to Oslo tomorrow night. I should probably be packing, but there's a window of a few hours after I see my mother in the hospital tomorrow, and it's really just a matter of throwing stuff in a suitcase, so I think I'll make it. I need some rest. It's been a long two weeks.

This is a view of my very serious professional desk.

Hello everyone my name is Kevo , I am a glassblower from Connecticut. This is my first time on Mastodon. I haven't really even been on Twitter before. My friend @jgmac1106 is helping me build a website

I am getting tired of trying to figure out Instagram and sell through DMs and figure out their rules

Greg said his friend recommended this place for artists

How to know you're a nerd:

1. Early 1990s.

2. Be 8 years old.

3. Want to be the guy on this box:

Being a nerd can be lonely. Your pet project will almost always be something that other nerds aren't interested in. It's not like sports, where millions of people are interested in the same thing.

Looks like clocking the I2C bus up to 1 MHz isn't a problem for the peripherals I'm using in this project. Helps considerably in my case, since the main loop on my MCU needs to be relatively tight. The ISR is fully occupied with sampling an audio signal 31250 times per second. It doesn't really take up much processor time, but it does mean that I can't do anything remotely time-consuming in there, which means that the main loop must handle the rest.

It would be nice if there was a chip that interpolated the steps. The PT2258 is pretty basic; just op-amps with resistor ladders controlling the gain, by the looks of it, and naturally, that's going to cause some clicking. I'm sure I could've found a better chip if I had widened my search to 2-channel volume controllers, but then I would've needed six chips instead of two, and that would've complicated things.

Yeah, so the PT2258 is a pretty decent 6-channel volume controller chip, useful in many applications. It's not ideal for any kind of continuous gain adjustment, though. It can't step the volume by less than 1 dB and doesn't interpolate between the steps, so you do get mild clicking artefacts. They're audible only if the sound material is harmonically sparse, like a voice or wind instrument, and you're listening on headphones.

Another strange part is that it seems to have frequency-shifted over the years. I used to have it at much higher frequencies, a constant din in the 500-1000 Hz area, but that disappeared.

Either, my tinnitus is getting stronger with age, or I'm just noticing it more being around this quiet house, and being in this unusual situation.

It does not seem to like it when I listen to music. It gets more intense right after that.

The strange part is that it isn't specific to one ear. There's just this hum at ~104 Hz with a sub-harmonic at 52 Hz, and it keeps fluctuating in amplitude and phase-shifting between my ears, like someone's gently blowing a bottle inside of my head.

These two weeks have been rough. Taxi rides and long visits to the hospital to see my mother. Nowhere comfortable to sit and therefore a lot of back pain. I can't wait to get back home. I need a bit of normality.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy web development - I just fucking hate the industry. (What I've seen of it so far at least).

Business' don't have any concern with the basic rights of people (privacy specifically). Yes they stick a "Privacy Policy" in the right place, but that's only to tell you how they are violating it, in general.

We really are in a dirty place in the networked age. We need to do better. And developers need to stop worshipping at the alter if fucking #google

It's necessary for the earth to have fewer people. Most environmental ills would go into remission if the world population was smaller. It's not possible to exercise the degree of control necessary to reduce our environmental footprint sufficiently. Many small harms quickly add up when everything is multiplied by 7 billion.

The fundamental problem of governance is to balance the needs of the people with the will of the people. It's often necessary to endure pain now to avoid worse pain in the future. This is often difficult to accept, especially when you, the citizen, lack the means to offset that pain.

Also, the weeks start on Monday.

The strftime("%W") definition of a week number doesn't line up with this, since it uses much simpler rules. I don't know if the Gregorian calendar has a definition of week numbers. It's possible that strftime() adheres to whatever that is.

Since an ISO year sometimes has 53 weeks, it doesn't always correspond to the Gregorian year. Week 1 is the one where a majority of weekdays are in January. Or, equivalently, week 1 always contains January 4. Before week 1, a week 53 of the previous year is inserted if necessary.

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