*eats yoghurt and banana*

*cleans throat until heat death of universe*

So far, it looks like April Fool's Day has been cancelled in Norway.

My life is pretty much indistinguishable from Garfield Minus Garfield right now.

Some of these Masto bots are virtually indistinguishable from the spazzier people on here.

Gotta love how people are unfollowing and muting me after I burned out last fall. I’ve changed and it doesn’t exactly feel good when people are pushing me away because of that.

There is no better named program :0

it's just so cute >.<

Most of my interests were motivated by a desire for accomplishment, and that desire has evaporated. Material things have ceased to carry much importance for me. Immaterial things such as stability, love and belonging have taken precedence. A lot of stuff has changed for me in the past 6 months.

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