Waiter: How much Parmesan do you want?

Me: Yes.

You don’t often see sex and math mentioned in the same breath.

Choking hazard? I didn't know children could fit an entire keyboard in their m... Oh, the keycaps.

Browsing for a new keyboard...

Logitech G815 Lightsync RGB Tactile

Cougar Vantar

Razer DeathStalker Chroma

Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac with 2 Port Hub

Can anyone recommend a keyboard for me?


- Wired
- Backlit
- Light key travel
- Affordable

What the fuck just happened...

My monitor suddenly started ghosting and it won’t go away, even if I power cycle it.

It seems to be slowly fading away. What is this magic?

I like how the Norwegian word "smør" literally just means "smear", "spread" or "lubricate", as if butter is somehow the main thing you do that with...

The Norwegian language has a specific word for the piece of butter you place in the middle of a serving of porridge.


smør = butter
øye = eye


It's even used in a figure of speech:

midt i smørøyet

midt i = in the middle of

in the middle of the buttereye

The meaning is something like "at the center of events" or "where it's happening".

Which one is it?


If you're broken, vent to me about it.

I'll listen.

I won't give you stupid but well-intended advice.

I'll listen and help you process what you're feeling, though.

If you do that, a good and lifelong friendship is likely to ensue.

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