CDC guidance to laboratories for cycle thresholds (Ct) for testing COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases. (One) among the many scams that this organization has perpetrated since 2020 alone. Contrast this with 37-40 in 2020. @adam is "dancing in the end zone". You could also possibly throw in a Gronk spike sir!

@jurasick fake news and debunked months ago. See my sticky toots

@thisisthebreath @jurasick

You attempted to debunk the CT being lowered when the guidance said to start using the IFU for the CT, but you basically just cherry picked a couple of IFUs that didn’t have it lowered. A proper debunking would have shown that the majority of machines used have IFUs that say that. So you didn’t even debunk that, which is different from here where the CDC guidelines say CT of 28 used for postvax infections. Your previous debunking shows that they are skewing vax data.


@AmericanGhost @jurasick
only a small fraction of covid tests are sent in for sequencing, and all tests, regardless of vax status, are run at same CT initially to determine postive or negative

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