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@rich_lather tried to catch it on the next hour- they removed it. i know what i heard though.

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this is the "viral video" going around where the disingenuous media tries to conflate the very real actions of the democrats to build a new electorate via illegal immigration, with the declining-birth rate white supremacist "replacement theory" allegedly espoused by the shooter. note the clever cuts and soundbites to emphasize "replacement" completely out of context

@rich_lather i literally heard abc's aaron katersky say "10 people were shot - all black" on the top-of-the-hour radio blurb

filthy liars

"BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — The white 18-year-old who fatally shot 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket researched the local demographics and arrived a day in advance to conduct reconnaissance with the intent of killing as many Black people as possible, officials said Sunday."

according to what evidence?

does anyone have a rip of bongino's Unfiltered show on fox? mccullough was on it last night


"Several rank-and-file Republicans, likely committee chairmen and members of the party leadership, told CNN on Friday"

"likely"? wouldnt they know who told them?

Dr. Robert Malone joins us to discuss the Declaration made by 17,000 physicians at the Global Covid Summit, including that the pandemic is over, harm the mRNA injections have done, VAIDS, and the global takeover of the WEF linked with the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Despite some connection issues, we continued with the interview due to the crucial info presented.

(connection issues improve later)

that was just a blurb on the internet yesterday but i could see a run if the word gets out

note that they are commemorating a million deaths FROM covid. filthy liars

AP dropped a double dose of fake news today

said "bill to write roe v wade into law" was 'filibustered' despite the fact that neither of those were true

i have some BTC on coinbase that i need to get out of there

my wife bought a ledger but im leery of it

what is the most secure way to create a paper wallet? run a creator app using a live linux instance?

is bios/rom malware really something to be concerned about?

does anybody know of an equivalent site to the now-defunct "internet streaming radio" site, which had broadcast schedules for all stations in a database where you could look up a given show and see all the stations and times?

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