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@adam thats a negatory, ghostrider.

Here are the CTs straight from the IFUs (Instructions for Use) of tests approved in last few weeks. I cant find *any* that have been reduced, Lab techs read the IFU and analyze accordingly, there is no other guidance.

source :

Labcorp, 38CT (pg 6:

EZPlex, 40CT (pg 12:

BioRad Reliance, 40 CT (pg 18: )

Clarifi, 40CT (pg 19: )

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I compared WHO's updated PCR guidance 2020/5 V2 issued Jan. 15 (published 1/20), which superseded its original guidance 2020/5 V1 on Dec.7 (released Dec. 14)

V1: "healthcare providers are encouraged to take into consideration testing results along with clinical signs and symptoms, confirmed status of any contacts, etc."

V2: "Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology."

is there a simple software or script or something i can rn in windows to check internet speeds at regular intervals? need to take on my ISP for their shitty service

@Johncdvorak CA is not among the most vaxxed

It is currently #16 and only 3.5% higher than US average


You guys are wrong here

When the majority of people in the population are vaxxed, and half the people in the hospital are vaxxed, that certainly demonstrates (some) efficacy of vaccine

NAS producers

I’m drawing on the wide net of experience here

Does anyone know about the flooring tech that is common in airports? It looks like a composite epoxy with opalescent solids in it, poured/spread between stainless/aluminum forms which remain in place after being buffed down. This is a poor example, but some examples like DIA approach art. I think it has residential application but would like to learn more about the tech

@darrenoneill im about to take a Maui beach walk ITM

Got any Dick dale or other appropriate music you can squeeze in?

does anybody out there have any experience with wordpress? ive got a basic site Wordpress site using Layers theme, with Woocommerce

there is a hamburger menu showing up in the mobile version, but it is blank, i dont know how to get to it or access it


anyone got the "youve got a huge heart" vax meme handy?

rumor has it newsom mixed and matched and has GBS now.

that conversation you have where you hear your father cry for the first time as he asks you to pull the plug if he gets worse

"Under no circumstances should young and healthy people be vaccinated as it will only erode their protective innate immunity towards Coronaviruses (CoV) and other respiratory viruses. Their innate immunity normally/ naturally largely protects them and provides a kind of herd immunity in that it dilutes infectious CoV pressure at the level of the population, whereas mass vaccination turns them into shedders of more infectious variants."

support daily wire. they sued the feds over the vax mandate today

time to blackhole '' via my hosts file

garbage site always crashes my browser when i accidentally follow links there

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