Where are the protests over the murder of Antonio Mays Jr at the hands of the CHOP security?

Guillotine Placed Outside Jeff Bezos' D.C. Home by Anti-Amazon Protesters 

Now they come for the globalists

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So according to Bernstein, Trump is buddies with Putin and the president of Ukraine and he is disrespectful to the leaders of all of the globalist countries that the liberal media put in a pedestal. How convenient for the narrative.

So now CHOP protesters killed a 16 year old and shot a 14 year old who crashed into their illegal street obstruction. They "claim" the two kids shot at them but no witness or evidence to back that up and they shot them in their car. This is an insurrection and time to treat it like one.

Melinda Gates says black Americans should get Covid vaccine first when it's available. Not sure if this is virtue signal or evil plot

Magic: The Gathering Ends Relationship With Controversial Artist 


Now you can get cancelled because of who you follow on Twitter. Have I mentioned the world has gone insane?

After evidence failed to materialize to support accusation that shootings in CHAZ were a “right-wing attack,” a victim is now speaking to media & says he was shot by “Proud Boys or KKK.” He didn’t describe suspects. He blames police for not protecting him. kiro7.com/news/local/man-criti twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1 #Shot

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I'm convinced that WWIII has already started. China is behind Covid, BLM/Antifa and the 3 months of attempted hacks against the Australian government and now boarder war with India. Tactics aren't as overt as the Nazis but it's happening

Sheriff's office employee among 3 men accused of vandalizing Black Lives Matter sign 


So you can be can be arrested for taking down BLM signs but destroying property and and arson are fine.

Type this into google: any 3 digit number + new cases.
Like this: ‘333 new cases’

Matt Sorum: 'Musicians Aren't Allowed To Tour But Our President Can Throw A Rally To 20 K People In An Arena?' - Blabbermouth.net 

@MoeFactz @adam just discovered the podcast a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed the last one. I like the format and discussion. Some enlightening content

Without evidence, Seattle socialist city council woman ⁦@cmkshama⁩ says CHAZ shootings have “indications that this may have been a right-wing attack.” Witnesses have been refusing to cooperate in investigation & many prevented police from entry. mynorthwest.com/1969263/kshama twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1 #Seattle

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