This fucker just skipping right over Gen X is the most Gen X thing ever!

Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers other Factz Family 💝💐

The same people who last month could not define what a woman was and wanted to force people to be vaccinated and wear masks are the same people who today will know exactly what a woman is and scream my body my choice. We live in a 🤡 🌎 and I fucking hate clowns. Enjoy the ride.

Weed doesn't make you lazy, it just makes you realize most of the shit you do is pointless and thus you don't do it.

It's a feature, not a bug.

Does anyone see the irony that the people who are the main consumers of Teslas also seem to be the same people that are losing their minds because Elon bought Twitter?

Robert Morse died. R.I.P. I'd last seen him in 2010 when I had him do a video for Mimi He was was a gracious man.

Here is the MSNBC graphic from a post describing both Joe Rogan and Glenn Greenwald as right wing extremists despite the fact that they are both liberals. What liars!! How do MSNBC executives live with themselves?

Artist revolt...Dame Kenny-Ben did some protest art for the art generator. The suited bald headed fart represents Adam and myself criticizing her previous submission. The dog is a nice touch.

Happy 20.4 everyone.
I'm Dyslexic
In Europe
so it works out.

Gotta love Twitter today. A bunch of liberals asking how they can fly home from their spring vacations if everyone in the flight isn’t required to wear a mask. Also, a bunch of tech journalists and Hollywood types promoting the 32 hour work week. L M A O

It’s the fear class followed by the chronic overworked class. What a joke. No wonder Elon wants to tear it down.

The public needs to reset expectations on the effectiveness of Covid vaccines. Summary of the article is that scientists didn’t expect to have all of these variants of Covid. I’m definitely not a scientist but even I know that viruses mutate to survive

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