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Cloudflare is fake and gay. I hate cloudflare so much. From their global outages to their pulling content they don't like - I HATE CLOUDFLARE.

Thanks for listening.

Hittin ya in the mouth with some mushrooms…cuz sometimes freedom looks delish. Amirite @PhoneBoy

ITM, all! Crazy stack of deals happening on my site right now if you're interested in hemp derived cannabinoids. 😋

ITM NA Social - is there a producer or douchebag who is a realtor? Looking to purchase a home in Missouri or Arkansas in the immediate future. DM if you'd rather email me.


Millennial Media Offensive #36 - Fashionable Astronauts is out Now!

Don’t get baptized in the waters of Woke! Listing to MMO. John and Dan once again return to talk weather, China, Trump, Iraq, and Fashionable Astronauts.

Thank you to @dowodenum, @Boo_BuryMothman, @phifer, @RyzomeRyan, @thegeneral, Kyle Pickens, and Jon McPain by sending in boosts during the show!. You fine folks are friends of the offensive and have proven yourselves not to be feds!

C U Next Tuesday!

ITM Dudes named ben... anyone familiar with Object Cache Pro? When enabled on, it's inserting HTML into the bottom of RSS (podcast) feeds which is causing a parse error when validating.

Any advice is great, tyfyc.

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