I'm looking to partner with someone to grow a D2C delta 8 THC storefront that is starting to get some organic traffic. I really don't know the first thing about how to optimize and convert more of the traffic. Never been my specialty.

Would someone be interested in partnering for a revenue share or am I way off base to think that's a good idea?

Appreciate any advice/input. Hope everyone is doing well.

@a_rae7413 it's amazing to me that this doesn't come across scammy to people. We're so used to advertising we can't even recognize it anymore.

@CoffeeFingers did having long hair give you better intuition in nature as it is said to? - a short haired dude

Speaking of ∆8 - just added these to my store. Pure Nano ∆8-THC.

Gitmo nation - I assume a dude named Ben has already tried to answer this question and I'm hoping to avoid digging into ToS to get an answer...

Is there an Android app that will track heart rate and mile time that's not Google Fit?

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