To all of my new followers new to NAS: I'm Sir Addison. CEO of Shitposts. I do the Eables CBD spots when I produce. Welcome to No Agenda Social.

Here's a quick introduction/who-to-follow list:

@Laurien and @SirSpencer are super cool around here
I'm married to @theshieldmaiden
@NameRedacted does MMO show with @Dhowjen
@darrenoneill's voice is amazing is Dame @jennifer's
@SamiOh does memes

And of course if you're new and haven't found @adam and @Johncdvorak yet, give them a follow.

@thegeneral @Genen @Laurien @SirSpencer @theshieldmaiden @NameRedacted @Dhowjen @darrenoneill @jennifer @SamiOh @adam @Johncdvorak
All followed, good to be here. Glad I got my procrastination under control this opening and got om the core server. Been an EP since episode 199 and listening since somewhere in the 40's.

@thegeneral @Laurien @SirSpencer @theshieldmaiden @NameRedacted @Dhowjen @darrenoneill @jennifer @SamiOh @adam @Johncdvorak

and you may have ran out of space, but i run the nwo blog, and make .

greetz !

@thegeneral @Laurien @SirSpencer @theshieldmaiden @NameRedacted @Dhowjen @darrenoneill @jennifer @SamiOh @adam @Johncdvorak

they take crappy EMF, microwave and RF energy , passing about in a space, and trap it, and vortex it back out, generating instead a positive (life affirming) spin (clockwise), and are blessed in the name and blood of the most high.

else, they're very pretty and have crystals, gemstones and such niceties in them, real gold leaf as well. :)

there's pictures on site

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