ITM everyone - does anyone here recommend a firearms legal defense membership? I'm looking for one that will cover me and my keeper in the event we're involved in a self defense use of a firearm. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, feel free to DM if you prefer.

@thegeneral I went to a CCW permit class that turned out to be a firearms legal defense infomercial...the instructor charged the lowest class fee in the area because he was making money telling students that they will go to jail and their lives will be ruined if they ever have to use their firearm for defense unless you buy this insurance policy. I'm sure it's a profitable racket...fear usually is.

@S1rV0Tra1n3r oh for sure. I'm sure there's plenty of racketeering - most places that teach the classes in my state seem to offer women specific classes which I'm sure are used to get lots of customers for these memberships.

@thegeneral @S1rV0Tra1n3r
In mine it was the opposite.
They made sure we all knew about the increasing chance of prosecution or civil suits and then sent in the hot chick with tight pants and big boobs to sell us insurance.
She was selling USCCA.
It worked….the wallets came out.

@thegeneral Check out Donut Operator on YouTube. He has a sponsor but I can't remember who it is.

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