@thegeneral I’m kinda feel like proclaiming a semi-quiet “yay” if this is true.

@thegeneral This goes to the basics of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and ASN (Autonomous System .. something) .. basically the big data centres buy up blocks of IP addresses they want to use. You then have to announce to Internet Service Providers and Internet Backbones that you own these large blocks.

There's a very complicated set of steps in BGP for announcing your ASNs and routes. There have been BGP failures before (there's literally like once a year, but no one cares because it takes down like Reddit or LinkedIn) because the BGP system lacks any real security. A lot of ISPs and backbones just implement really limited peering rules of who can announce changes.

It's likely someone got into Facebook's networking and unannounced all their routes, and probably did some more damage (changing passwords or deleting router configuration) to make bringing them back online difficult.

Normally BGP failures are due to misconfiguration or some external entity announcing routes they don't have the rights to announce, but this tweet makes it seem internal.

@thegeneral looks like a list of IP addresses and some ping times, how would we know if something was deleted unless we have a before picture, must be some alt-left "evidence" that Trump did it

@thegeneral Their conclusion is silly. It just means they'll need to repair, replace, and/or reconfigure some of their networking equipment. It does not mean Facebook is destroyed or anything.

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