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Really proud of this one. First Full Spectrum formulations we've done.

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In the morning, social. It's Sir Addison, CEO of Shitposts with a crazy CBD deal for small business Saturday. DM with questions.

I hope you all have had a beautiful Thanksgiving with your families. Never let fear win.

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Knights and Dames of the round table, you can also grab that 33% discount on Eables CBD through this link:

Thanks for a great read and your PO Box, @adam. I've got something on the way to you. 👍🏻

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Hello all. New(ish) to No Agenda Social. I'm Addison. Two time producer, (soon to be more) owner of and blabber at Been listening for a year now after my best friend hit me in the mouth. Yes, the opener to this week's show is John C Dvorak doing an impression of my mom, so that's really fucking cool. @adam

ITM ! Reply and tell me how things are in your corner of GITMO nation.

Anywaysssss, ( @adam ) here's six new flavors of disposable pens that I just added to

Let me know if you have questions. 👽

Eables Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: it's what's for breakfast.

ITM No Agenda Nation. Thank you all for your support and kind words.

Someone posted and said "I got a ban for saying "absolute donkey"" and I was like nah the fuck you did so I commented it and about a week later got this. Anyone got a fiddle?

I haven't missed any noodle gun segments yet have I?

I locked my pasta glock yesterday.

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