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Really proud of this one. First Full Spectrum formulations we've done.

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In the morning, social. It's Sir Addison, CEO of Shitposts with a crazy CBD deal for small business Saturday. DM with questions.

I hope you all have had a beautiful Thanksgiving with your families. Never let fear win.

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Knights and Dames of the round table, you can also grab that 33% discount on Eables CBD through this link:

Thanks for a great read and your PO Box, @adam. I've got something on the way to you. 👍🏻

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Hello all. New(ish) to No Agenda Social. I'm Addison. Two time producer, (soon to be more) owner of and blabber at Been listening for a year now after my best friend hit me in the mouth. Yes, the opener to this week's show is John C Dvorak doing an impression of my mom, so that's really fucking cool. @adam

I'm looking to partner with someone to grow a D2C delta 8 THC storefront that is starting to get some organic traffic. I really don't know the first thing about how to optimize and convert more of the traffic. Never been my specialty.

Would someone be interested in partnering for a revenue share or am I way off base to think that's a good idea?

Appreciate any advice/input. Hope everyone is doing well.

Speaking of ∆8 - just added these to my store. Pure Nano ∆8-THC.

Gitmo nation - I assume a dude named Ben has already tried to answer this question and I'm hoping to avoid digging into ToS to get an answer...

Is there an Android app that will track heart rate and mile time that's not Google Fit?

everyone. I get busy and forget to check NA social. What's been happening? How's everyone liking the Freeze Gel from Eables? Anyone have questions about ∆8-THC?

Also - we're all clear that aliens are probably demons and a great distraction from the trillions stolen in the last 20yrs alone not to mention the last 100 years of central banking.....right?

Just one stoner's take, I guess.

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