for those who like Odysee better than BitChute (I do):

Dr. Robert Malone with Joe Rogan - The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 December 31, 2021


Same here. Odysee is my main alternate video platform.

#Odysee is so much better. I prefer using #RSS instead of #YouTube to avoid censorship, and other than #PeerTube, #Odysee is the only #YouTube alternative that turns any channel into an #RSS-enabled video podcast

FYI @realcaseyrollins YouTube does provide a feed for each channel, and I’m currently hooking the enclosures to mpv. Doesn’t help censorship anyhow though.

@cnx hmm. I remember finding feeds but they didn't reference the actual #MP4 files

@realcaseyrollins, it’s MIME shows up as shockwave or something (I’m on phone at the moment) but youtube-dl can recognize it just fine and mpv falls back to it if it’s not a direct link to a video.

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