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just in time to get you all jiddy for the mother ship tonight - YOUR Liberty Radio is back with more sweet, sweet love for your earholes! this time around, Scott Armstrong from the Rebunked podcast joins us to discuss addiction, coof insanity, and the exploding entrepreneur market in Nashville. and if you listen real close, you can even hear Ryan doing TLAV prep in the background.

they're stealing your money, and using a corrupt foreign nation to launder it back into their own bank accounts. the longer you let it go on, the more it's gonna hurt to stop it.

well, we survived another rainbow onslaught. undoubtedly there were some casualties along the way. what moments do remember from the latest op?

finally made it to Acapulco - the crown jewel of Western Mexico. it's only about a week's drive from the District of Criminals if you do it right.

just in time for your Juneteenth jamboree - if you think "safe & effective" treatments will go away with the scam-demic, think again. this is only the beginning, and the structure is now in place to make sure this process can be duplicated for many years to come.

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for those afflicted, the CDC has some new guidelines for you. not a joke.

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