About the Indiana hero who stopped a mass-shooting, he would have been lawfully carrying a gun even if he didn't have a license because Indiana supports Constitutional Carry since July 1.

Also, Indiana (and my own state of Kentucky) does not have laws over "no guns" signs for non-government places. So the most a store can do is ask you to leave and charge you for trespassing if you refuse. But in Ohio, those signs are legally enforced, so violating them _is_ a crime.


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Also, here's a fantastic site I use to easily review state gun laws as well as state-license reciprocity:


@theDanielJLewis @adam USCCA is great and will be signing up once I get out of CA and move to TX. And I will be getting a CR920 or the like to carry.

@BillHartnett Signing up for legal coverage? You might want to look at for that. Their price is better and I think their coverage is even better, too. They represented that guy who stopped the shooting in a church a couple years ago.

Also, check out the Sig Saur P365 for carrying.

@theDanielJLewis I did check the sig, but the one I saw didn't have the plate for the RMR. I think they have them now though. Never used an optic like that, but I want the option.

@BillHartnett @theDanielJLewis

I find you have to practice A LOT to be proficient with pistol RDS. I'm still much better with quality irons like trijicon or sevigny.

@SirDHSlammer @theDanielJLewis Well I am planning on training a lot since I'm really only used to duty sized weapons & will have a ton to learn.

@BillHartnett @theDanielJLewis

I gave up on pistol RDS. If you don't present perfectly you don't see dot and loses seconds.

Also you get used to RDS through training and lose proficiency with irons due to site line height over bore.

Deal breaker for me in an edc scenario. My daily G26 IWB AC has trijicon grn/grn trtium irons.

@SirDHSlammer @theDanielJLewis Well thanks for the heads up. Most people talk like it's the bee's knee's. Guy teaching at a tactical class was saying how the lollipop was best for quick acquisition and ran it on his gear. But my P89 was 30 years old by that point already & good luck finding any replacements, so I just run it stock.

@BillHartnett @SirDHSlammer You can get the P365 (I recommend XL) with RomeoZero red-dot. That's what I got. It's a better deal to buy it with the sight already installed instead of buying separately, unless you want a different brand's sight.

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