BREAKING: Climate Crisis Solved After Peer Pressure Convinces Earth to Transition Self-Identity

@adam I think Charlie Kirk could be a reasonable replacement to Rush.

Why isn't [email protected] a cryptocurrency?

They could be perfectly called SETIs.

I bought my first cryptocurrency yesterday! Some BTC, ETH, BAT, and LTC.

It feels exciting!

I wish I had more money to play this game.

Gonna need you to shut your power off for two weeks to stop the spread of this snow

When were genders put on the blockchain? I think that's the only reasonable explanation for why there are so many genders these days.

Parler is apparently back, but I can't seem to get past the first "Next" button to register.

I miss the Dimension B transition sound effect. @adam

Do you think any of the other cryptocurrencies are worth considering?

Honestly though, while I'm glad a private citizen was acquitted from an unconstitutional, party-led impeachment, I also hope he doesn't run for President again.

So Trump was acquitted. Since impeaching a private citizen didn't work, the democrats will have to figure out another way to get Trump out of the presidency.

Oh wait, the republic already peacefully did that.

Wow. Reddit seems like a trove of far-left liberal hate-speech advocates who love to discriminate and abuse.

Did you hear @adam mention Clubhouse and your contacts? I just wrote an article to expose this:

In short: Clubhouse won't let you invite people directly, you have to share your contacts. But then it seems they keep a copy of your contacts on their server and continues to use those contacts even after you revoke access! This isn't disclosed in their privacy policy and might be a violation of GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy-protecting laws.

@adam Now that it's apparently okay to impeach a private citizen, we need a little girl "Don't impeach me, Joe Biden!" clip.

What would democrats do if Biden and Harris self-identified as conservative Republicans?

Oh! Well how about that? I just checked TD Ameritrade's current fees and they're now free. I didn't realize that!

So I can finally dump those 500 shares of the penny stock and get back my 1¢ without paying any fees to get it back!

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I had applied to join Robin Hood on the same day GME things started, so I haven't actually finished the process. But I heard @adam say there are much better ways to buy stocks.

I used Buy and Hold years ago, as well as Scottrade and then a precursor to Ameritrade that had free trades.

What's your recommendation for a stock-trading platform that, ideally, doesn't charge transaction fees but also respects _all_ its users?

I heard that SN9 self-identifies as a successful landing.

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