"As of 4 p.m. Friday, June 11, [Kentucky] Gov. Beshear reported the following COVID-19 numbers …"

I received that email at 2:00 pm on Friday, June 11.

If the governor's office can't get a simple time right, how can we trust more important numbers?

@adam Did you see this Fauci impersonation? I couldn't help think about it during the Fauci clips in the latest NA.


@Johncdvorak You could try Audacity's "Zero Point Crossing" function after making a selection and that often prevents those little audio artifacts.

Donald Trump: "And we’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business."

Maxine Waters: "… peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. … cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women …"

Wow, yeah. It's no wonder everyone was demanding Trump's impeachment!

Oh wait.


So it's okay for a bunch of celebrities (and "influencers") without PhDs to give medical advise, but it's not okay for one popular "podcaster"?

"This is how easy it is to lie with statistics"

I _highly_ recommend watching this full video because it can help you understand and think critically in so many important areas!


@Johncdvorak @adam A cool thing with the Cosco (or Sam's) wine recommendations is that, at least in some places, it's illegal to require a membership for purchasing alcohol. In KY, where non-beer alcohol must be in a separate store from groceries, I can buy from the Cosco or Sam's liquor store without a membership.

(Or at least I think that's still how it works. It's been a while for me.)

@Johncdvorak I agree with you on unboxings!

I once did a camera unboxing—from the boxed camera's perspective!

The other annoying thing is the number of "reviews" that don't actually review the product, but simply share the specs.

I don't know about other states, but Kentucky's governor seems to be totally gaslighting the citizens! He's saying he won't lift restrictions (including allowing people the freedom to practice their religion) until 2.5 million Kentucky citizens have taken an experimental medication!

So now, it's like he's tricking the citizens into blaming their non-compliant neighbors for the lockdowns. Like saying, "I'm not allowed my freedoms because you won't take the vaccine!"

Disturbing abuse.


Everyone who woke up with unexpected snow, remember that weather isn't climate, except when it fits the state of fear.

I'll be honest. I get the No Agenda newsletter primarily for the pictures.



So if Delta is calling the Georgia election laws racist, are they going to stop their own "racist" practice of requiring airline passengers to have proper identification?

After today's epic clip show, I'm still left with an unanswered question:

Does climate change cause liberalism, or does liberalism cause climate change?

BEWARE! Most COVID-19-vaccinated Americans report losing an hour last night.

I don't get it. Doesn't "make the wealthy pay their fair share" mean they pay the same percentage as everyone else?

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