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dreaming up my Exec Producer demands now for when I send that check. i'm thinking that I want at least 5 minutes from JCD on first-time home-buying/buyers. I know there' something for me in there.

"Punch a Nazi right in the teeth" having a re-listen to @ChrisWilson XMass album. So so good. I love NA forever! SPACE FORCE!!!

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"You will be made to care." -

NHS staff can refuse to treat racist or sexist patients under new rules | UK News | Sky News

Can a person -actually_ sleep in Public-Houses (Pubs) in England?

Also am happy to hear about places to camp in England. I've never been and am trying to go see Stonehenge this May.

Who IS the audience for John Bolton's new book? All the Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn & Israel and that's about all.

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Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That's why I poop
On Company time


I considered watching some of The Last Jedi tonight, but immediately was treated to a scene where CHewbacca is about to eat some roasted bird, and all of the little birdies whose mom is now dinner, they're all squaking and chirping and shit.

No thanks! I don't really need a lecture on vegetariaism tonight.

I am gonna pin some blame on Star Wars and "the Force" for making me a worse person, in general.

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How many Americans sleep in their cars at night? Just saw a combination oil diffuser/nightlight for your car.

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Michael Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate

More interesting to me will be seeing if Drudge's contempt of the Clinton's will trump his new-found distain of Trump...

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hey baby lemme see that hot lil g-holed torus!

I just realized the Millenium Falcon is sort of penisy.

I might just re-do my NA Social account soon so that my name matches my desired name. Plus Mastodon fun is fun.

Something on my phone causes an awful awful flicker on the screen. I consider this almost a feature, not a bug.

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@ParkerTechGuy The first time he catches a cold they are going to declare him unfit and slip a hot beefy Hillary up in there.

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