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dreaming up my Exec Producer demands now for when I send that check. i'm thinking that I want at least 5 minutes from JCD on first-time home-buying/buyers. I know there' something for me in there.

all work meetings devolve into chat session about gamestop now

I guess I'll just read some Roger Stone instead, Bush Crime Family seems interesting

"We're all going to jail" could be the new "we're all gonna die"

I haven't looked into it but how did WSB know Melvin was short on GME, who decided to rally it, and how are firms not exposing themselves to this risk every time they short something? is it just because capital only really swims one way? if anyone has any links to the origins of this i wanna see

Aw shit i was going to read Richard Nixon autobiography but i see it's 1451 pages hell no

Finally watched the video of PCR inventor talking about Fauci and wow!

Another great episode (with even a little hope) from @[email protected] It covers the horrible recent bills, all the election chaos & the endless hypocrisy from both sides. Please give it a fair hearing. It's criminal that she doesn't have a much bigger audience.

Hmmmm Fauci paid more annually than the President. I'm gonna guess they gave him that amount to humiliate Trump.

I think you could say Proud Boys originated in NYC, so it's funny to hear people call it rayciss.

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