I’m fully sure that lack of writing things out has atrophied my brain

Everybody needs to check their stuffed animals for genitals. Let me know what you find

These Amber alerts are ruining things for me

Some lefty mob down the street protesting.

Thank God for mental illness some people would never get laid without it

BUSTED! Ilhan Omar in 2013 referred to her Father as Nur Said! Which is the original surname of Ilhan & her Family.

This means her Family committed Immigration Fraud!


I’m a huge talk radio fan (recovering) I fell off from Caravan to Midnight. BUUUUUT Great line from John B Wells was his dad (ww ii vey) explaining “the next war in America you won’t even know who the enemy is”.

These German babes really look Wurst-worthy

Gee watching some German TV they had at least a couple of lines of dialogue which would be verboten here. Rayciss stuff

Uber guy this morning started driving off while I was still halfway in the vehicle hauling out my bags. Now the evening driver tries rolling up my window with my arm sticking out.

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