The Townshends catalog is pretty amazing. I’d like one cauldron please.

Oh NYC why you so crazy??

Soliciting options for how I can evict this douche.

More like “WanderWANGer Brewing Company” am I right?

The iQOS comes with some things you use to clean it. Depending on the amount of cleaning it requires, could be a real downside. OTOH I’m liking the real tobacco taste of iQOS.

When my lease in Brooklyn is up I should just show up at a migrant resettlement shelter and say “si senor” see what they give me.

@adam From Darren O’Neil:Having trouble getting into the Troll Room via the web client?

Download something better like HexChat:

The IRC server is:

Use port: 6697

Great description: ‘ the waxy, furtive, larval figure known as “Joe Biden,” ’

I lived in Grace City, ND for a year or so, where the dirty Dem ran over the Republican teenager. Wth.

Oh shit! Five minutes away from another Rare Encounter! Get on the stream, get in the chat, and let's get rocking!



I just drank these Serbs under the table. USA USA USA!

Maybe if we did five or ten years of extensive death penalty we could reset and then ban the death penalty

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