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dreaming up my Exec Producer demands now for when I send that check. i'm thinking that I want at least 5 minutes from JCD on first-time home-buying/buyers. I know there' something for me in there.

Fauci is short enough to be the Antichrist that was an amazing line @Johncdvorak

@MoeFactz and @adam the term “dub” for a $20 is short for “double sawbucks” sawbuck is $10 because Roman numeral for 10 is X. Straight from the Iceberg Slim autobiography. Which is an interesting read!

Does Trump do the kind of Who We Droning This Week stuff OBummer did?

The women in this 1950s women-in-prison movie look way better than Orange is the New Black wackos

Anything wrong with a bottle of maple syrup in one hand and bottle of bourbon in the other and double fist them?

Further proof AWS is garbage and hates their customers. I'm glad they missed out on the big defense contract to MS.

hey @JBBEVERLEY tell Jim that Vanilla Ice doing a concert in Austin soon.

Ghislaine Maxwell in custody. Berman replaced on June 20th, her acting replacement signs indictment.

why Phil Collins? was having having a nice time

Is this some Grand Funk I hear on the stream??

Hmmm CEO of Ruger has “kill” in his name

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