@Droopinheimer @the0ther now THAT is a great podcast name.
In the mornin’ everybody. Welcome to Bongs and Boners. My guest this week is @SirSpencer

Nice try using British slang to smear Americans. As if we care about your hooligans. Ultra tarded.

Last year corner stores in Brooklyn started to sell weed. Now last week they have a flyer up selling Viagra. Way cheaper than normal.

Let’s put on Mark Levine and laugh. I LOVE YELLING

This doctor says breath holding increases growth hormone.

Usually, the skies where I live are filled with crows, hawks, catbirds, even the occasional sea gull. Today, no birds. Not a sound or visual sighting. All. Fucking. Day. Never seen anything like it. Anyone have an explanation?

whoa @adam admitted to working for the cia last ep?

Oh Wow. Chomsky called Trump more dangerous than Hitler, back in 2020. Now he says Trump is the only leader with a plan for peace in Ukraine.

My intelligent colleague was unaware of the US coup in Ukraine. Youth…

Am I just making this up? Dueling Banjos is riffs from Yankee Doodle Dandy and riffs from Dixie…

Is Pepe a frog because Alex Jones said "they're turning the frickin frogs gay?"

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