E-6B orbiting for a couple hours at a few thousand feet. Earlier there was a couple more doing the same. Why

I wonder if there are more males deported than females?

This shit is still boring despite the adderall

Just saw Craig Ferguson live. His late night show was my favorite and I’m glad I got to see him tonight. His book is damn good too, the novel I mean.

did you know that Vulcans invented Velcro shared it with us years ago

if I think about J Epstein one more time I am gonna slit my own throat i fucking swear. i'm done with that crap.

who's got a good Rothschilds/Rockefeller documentary recommendation, preferabley on Youtube?

Unix people with blogging software that uses “smart” quotes on code snippets will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

What kind of doctor are you if you perform sex reassignment surgery? Demented stuff!

Toys R Us going out of business was a sign of how horrible the economy is

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