Sometimes i just wanna wrestle Billy Corgan pin him down tell him thanks for the riffs!

The free beer they give you for taking a vaccine, well there's Covid in that beer haha!

Requiring vaccines to attend college is a great example of a scam within a scam.

I think i got drunk with Urkel once and didn't even know it. Never watched Family Matters how was i supposed to know?

Federal judge who shot down national eviction moratorium happens to have a first name that's an off-by-one homophone of the main character in the wretched Atlas Shrugged. Who is Bo Jiden?

A guy can use any old IRC client for the Troll Room? That bouncing web UI I can't deal with, but i do miss the trolls.

Until we have a German heritage holiday, idgaf about these wops and their Columbus Day. Keep crying! Oh Italians were lynched too? First I've heard of it.

I'm a self certified master practitioner in ethics, also in weed

Brooklyn depressives love a Double Over on the Showcase Showdown!

Which is better?

Who can we thank for this stupid fake holiday? Disney marketers? People who live to lisp? Surrounded by idiocy!

I need at least two cases of beer to take a jab, not one beer

Idk who this conservative girl in Brooklyn is on Tim Pool but she's dynamite

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