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dreaming up my Exec Producer demands now for when I send that check. i'm thinking that I want at least 5 minutes from JCD on first-time home-buying/buyers. I know there' something for me in there.

Can we go back in time to when "nerd" was a pejorative?


Did you tell them that the mask is not the issue here? It's about unchecked aggression, drawing a line in the sand...

Love me a woman with a jutting chin and a hooked nose. Witchy looking.

New shit has come to light, man: "the amygdala is involved in snake fear". So says Jordan Peterson.

I thoroughly enjoy the old-timey name @Johncdvorak has given the NA Newsletter aka the No Agenda Bugle

Today's lunch will be homage to Noodle Boy.

I think I did the right thing skipping the debate last night and got puking drunk instead. Was movie night at the bar and they had on Big Lebowski. Was only scolded once for mask wearing and scolded once for vaping a Juul at the picnic table outside. Ignored both quite easily.

I think Google has taken the top spot from Microsoft for most hated tech company. I hate neither, I even like them most of the time.

Here's how I set a reminder in bash: `sleep 624 && say "back to meeting slave"`

LIFO: Last In First Out
FIFO: First In First Out
FAFO: Fuck Around and Find Out

I enjoyed JCD laughing about recruiters being out of work. I think I should despise them.

But when you get a message on linked in with this, maybe I can like them: "Is there a salary that would make you consider an offer?"

PODash helps you find podcasts that have recently posted a new episode by category. Another valuable project using

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