Behold. The new owner of

@teslanaut That's more of a sign you should move off your domain registrar for not doing sufficient error checking.

@teslanaut What a waste of $60 bucks... Still, being able to say you once owned (even for a day) is l33t cred.

@teslanaut this reminds me of the movie Surrogates where Bruce Willis's character refuses to turn the machine network back on, forcing people to go outside their homes

@teslanaut Roddy McDowell is doing it from another dimension
Nice work you crafty Scotsman.

Best case scenario the guy will make a lot of money when Facebook gets desperate to buy it back.
More likely though, they'll literally cancel the sell, and pretend it never happened.

@alyx @teslanaut also likely, some "representatives" are being sent to his house for "advanced negotiation" with him and his wife and kids

@teslanaut Let us know if it's still yours in 24hrs. If it is: play it safe with the trademarks 😉

@lightmeter @teslanaut I was hoping someone named Frank Acebook would buy it for his personal blog of recipes.

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