In religions, aren't sacrifices only made to whatever god they worship? Why is it OK for a Government to ask people of different religions to sacrifice to the State? This should really anger every single religious leader of every religion in America.

They should really change that stance.

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@teslanaut BIG GOV is a religion, thanks to the progressive left, don't you know?

@teslanaut shouldn't every religious person be angry at this? Shouldn't everyone be angry at this?


Have you ever noticed she constantly answers a question with: " I think that the president....." No one cares what you think Jen, or is it she doesn't have a clear sense of the president's position basically on anything.

And fuxk that BS about the president constantly asking to sacrifice a little longer. I'm getting the idea that the sacrifice is always going to be "just a little longer."


Is there really as much difference as we think between the Aztec human sacrifices to their gods and the modern human sacrifices in war to the idols of nationalism and the sovereign state?
– Erich Fromm, You Shall Be As Gods

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