Another In The Morning shoutout on the Beanie Cast by Tim Pewl.

Got a "Stay Safe" for @Johncdvorak

They knew @adam is the inventor of Podcasting! GO PODCASTING! 🎙️

@teslanaut @Johncdvorak @adam
I have never listened to the pewl boy, will never listen to the pewl boy.

@netwebindustries I need charisma. I need pacing. I have never seen an image where he is smiling and every clip I have heard he sounds disinterested.

@Timboslice o.......I thought you might have something interesting to say..........I guess not.

@teslanaut @Johncdvorak @adam
You can contact the producer, who is the voice in the background of the video, here:

@teslanaut @Johncdvorak @adam He needs to invite adam on for Value 4 Value. It seems pool is headed in this direction .

@teslanaut @Johncdvorak @adam
Yes adam founded podcasting, but it did not make sense to the public until John joined him. They compliment each other.

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